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DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – More Levels Music Video

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3 Responses to “DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – More Levels Music Video”

  • Comment from R.K.M.

    this song is fuckin fire!!!

  • This video is better than BAP.

    Would it be asking to much to have the video sync up to the music.

  • Comment from Dj_waggish

    Hey somebody have ordered a primo and bumpy knuckles kolexxxion autographed copy on the gracie productions bigcartel???because i ve never receive anything and they never respond at my e-mail…i’m not the only one and i think we are a lot who wait our copies since two months…it’s totally scandalous look here :   And here too:  and here too:   If you type gracie productions scam in google you can read more 44 different scam post report, one or two problems can happen but a lots off like this it s a scandalous scam.i think it s not good for primo or bumpy a label who say sell autographied copy by them and take the money and send NOTHING at all .If someone received them i would like to know it… Thanks

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