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Mac Miller Calls DJ Premier ‘One Of His Best Friends’

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11 Responses to “Mac Miller Calls DJ Premier ‘One Of His Best Friends’”

  • Comment from rollo

    this kid wack miller is garbage and a fraud…his parents are very wealthy and bought his way into music..on top of this he jacks producers and doesn’t pay

    …his whole crew are some herb ass faggots check it

  • Comment from krudanze

    what does lord finesse think about that?

  • Comment from Dick B

    Hey, what’s up with the NYGz debut album?

  • Comment from krudanze

    dick b: coming out in 2036

  • Comment from dredknight

    I cant understand why Mac Miller is so popular… His MC skills are mediocre, just as most of the beats attached to them ( excluding preemo`s and a few other)

  • Comment from rollo

    @dredknight….don’t believe the hype on his popularity…a lot of his press quotes are paid PR articles put forth by his people…wack miller’s parents are rich they have financed his career so far and prob haven’t even broke even….this is the new generation of manufactured ‘stars’ paris, kardashian, snooki, situation, wiz khalifa, odd future….it doesn’t matter music, television…its just a whole pile of fame hungry faggots who let agents and managers fuck them in the ass for a few minutes of fame…

  • Comment from blackvictory23

    cosign @dredknight w/o the using the word f*ggot. All these aforementioned “artists” are nothing more than the end result of a public relations brainstorm meeting designed to make suburban white kids acquire and consume material goods they don’t need. They’re as artificial as plastic

  • Comment from DJ Guttah

    Who cares about what this cat says? Where is the NYGz?

  • Comment from mr_b

    mac miller is popular because he makes music that some people want. seems pretty simple to me.

  • Comment from chiefwiggum

    first of all why do rappers have to be poor or broke ?
    in supa star by group home he says: i wasnt rich but i also wasnt poor.
    i think this shows us that you dont have to be poor
    i also wonder if you know mac’s parents and if you know how much money they have ?
    i bet you dont so its a bit impolite to judge him by his parents or his wealth!!!

  • Comment from rollo

    macs parents are wealthy…..they bought his way into the industry its a known fact retard

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