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Joey Bada$$ Hoping To Work With DJ Premier In The Future

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5 Responses to “Joey Bada$$ Hoping To Work With DJ Premier In The Future”

  • Comment from Rick Dolo

    Hip Hop has become GAY!!! Everybody respects everybody…..tssss!!!! Most MC´s ain´t defending shit!!!!! Premier said he LOVES Tyler the creator(he can´t afford not liking him BTW)….he said he´s a rebel….Fuck that…everybody´s sayin the same and got no balls….and yeah….On the one side premier demands standards for Hip Hop and on the oher side he ain´t criticizing nobody!!!!…welcome on board on the same boad you didn´t wanted to be on (at least that´s what you build your status on^^)….I love Premier, but even he ain´t bigger than Truth itself!!!!

  • Comment from RC

    Word I feel you Rick nobody in Hip-Hop stands for shit anymore. I mean for the past 2 years Premier’s put drake on his top 20 albums of the year when he himself says “at HeadQCourterz we only play ruff, rugged & raw underground Hip-Hop”. I mean love Preem I think he’s one of the few cats out there still really holding it down but he really needs to get vocal on who’s faking the funk, I know he’s trying to avoid the “old nigga” label but fuck that his legacy is cemented he’s got the leeway & the right to criticize those who ain’t really doing it. I would like to see Premier work with this kid though he really seems to respect the culture and have his shit together (unlike mac miller) who Premier also co-signed for God knows what reason.

  • Comment from mr_b

    rick dolo and rc, i couldn’t disagree more. there’s no need for animosity towards other artists. respecting one another is a good thing for music. don’t mistake respect for love.

    and i really don’t see why preemo needs to be vocal and criticize anyone. what does it get him? he’s a musician who wants to create with new people, we all benefit from it. working with drake makes it possible for him to work with underground / upcoming artists. he makes money from a drake record that can offset what he won’t make from a teflon record. the guy likes music. drake, zeppelin, the cars, whatever.

    so on the topic of this video — hopefully preemo and this kid make some music together. he’s sounds very level-headed and intelligent. preemo seems to bring out the best in every artist he works with, so just imagine what they might make together.

  • Comment from Rick Dolo

    @ mr_b I ain´t sayin´shit about Preem gettin vocal….he has actually gotten vocal anyway….”hip hop need this…hip hop needs that”…..Old Rule: “Don´t be buggin´If ya ain´t sayin`nuttin`”….If ya hang around with peeps that ain´t hardcore….all good…!!!! but if ya trryin´to sell bubbly as raw scotch you are a liar!!!…I don´t give a fu`@ if ya mainstream….real is real…just keep it true!

    But by the end of the day it´s just a matter of price!!!…Slills is not the primary factor…A person who literally says that he could make Mickey Mouse sound gutter would sell his tracks to Justin Bieber´s deaf-dumb nephew
    So the difference between “Underground ” and “Mainstreem” is just a matter of who´s doing the business better….

    And BTW…don´t worry…Preem´s manager charges any average cat more money for one track than a middle class man earns in one year….YEAH THAT IS GUTTER!!!!!!! HAHA (Just so you know 25 K is the number)…So who´s reppin´the hood???…No shame on my game though!!!!

  • Comment from rollo

    the whole industry is faggots now…tyler, mack miller all homos….mack miller’s parents pay for his internet promotion budgets…this is some trust fund faggot shit

    the real shit died a long time ago on a commercial level

    premier is just trying to keep the lights on in his studio and keep the money flowing

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