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UPDATE: DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles “Kolexxxion” European Tour Dates

Here are the European tour dates for “The Kolexxxion” tour with DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles, which party are you attending?

Fri 28 sep: Münster, Skater`s Palace, Germany
Sat 29 sep: Annecy, Pop Plage, France
Sun 30 sep: Amsterdam, Melkweg, Netherlands
Tue 02 oct: Cologne, Bogen 2, Germany
Wed 03 oct: Cologne, Bogen 2, Germany
Thu 04 oct: Berlin, Bohannon, Germany
Fri 05 oct: Basel, Kaserne, Suisse
Sat 06 oct: Stuttgart, Schräglage, Germany
Sun 07 oct: Vienna, Pratersauna, Austria
Wed 10 oct: Bristol, Lakota, UK
Thu 11 oct: Sofia, Live Club, Bulgaria
Fri 12 oct: Bucharest, Color, Romania
Sat 13 oct: Vilnius, Loftas, Lithuania
Sun 14 oct: Stockholm, Strand, Sweden
Mon 15 oct: Oslo, Jaeger, Norway
Tue 16 oct: Gothenburg, Sticky Fingers, Sweden
Wed 17 oct: Copenhagen, Rust, Denmark
Thu 18 oct: Malmö, Babel, Sweden
Fri 19 oct: Paris, Nouveau Casino, France
Sat 20 oct: London, Garage, UK
Sun 21 oct: Manchester, Moho Live, UK
Mon 22 oct: Brussels, Bazaar, Belgium
Tue 23 oct: Bern, Bonsoir, Suisse
Wed 24 oct: Bordeaux, Le Complexe, France
Thu 25 oct: Bergen, Cosmo, Norway
Fri 26 oct: Napoli, Impero 2, Italy
Sat 27 oct: Chiasso, Palapenz, Suisse

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