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Ras Kass – Goldyn Chyld (DJ Premier Remix) (Unreleased Album Version)

Don’t get your hopes high, no new beat. This one is for the real collectors under us. It’s from the masters of Ras Kass unreleased album “Goldyn Chyld”. A lot has been talked about this unreleased album in the past, but this week the masters of the album have been leaked on the internet after ten years! The DJ Premier produced track has slightly different scratches and contains a vocal outro (of this rejected Jay-Z beat). Check it out:

Ras Kass – Goldyn Chyld (DJ Premier Remix) (Unreleased Album Version)

Props to madstadik. Forget about the countless bootlegs, here’s the full unreleased album “Goldyn Chyld” ripped from the masters with probably more unreleased tracks (?). Enjoy!

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6 Responses to “Ras Kass – Goldyn Chyld (DJ Premier Remix) (Unreleased Album Version)”

  • Comment from Breeze

    This version has been around for a while. I had an mp3 of this before.

  • Comment from dabig6

    I got used to the “That’s what happens when you reach for what you can’t feel/Stop either” scratches, this one’s unusual. 😐 WHATEVER, WE GOT IT ALREADY

  • Comment from MeGaVeLi

    Damn … this just made my day! I’m used to the old scratches as well, but I love the fact this sounds like its CDQ. Big ups on getting the mastered album, respect from Toronto! Dj Premier the most important man in hiphop! Word Up. Cant wait from Premier Vs Pete Rock !!! I love Ras Kass, but I aint heard anything from the dude that would even contend with his first 3 albums … it’s a damn shame.

  • Comment from MeGaVeLi

    I can already tell off the bat this is mastered quality compared to the previous versions. Plus the tracks are slightly different order, some missing, but some new. This is mad dope. Good for the collectors of that era. Big up respect to the site, and the group that put this out … word up! Today is a good day!

    (After skimming the album I prefer the older version, I remember it as VAN GOGH, but this is dope to have. Respex)

  • Comment from MeGaVeLi

    One last message … that old link you pasted that goes back to the CDQ Premier Remix (I’m guessing with the old scratches), goes to a pr0n site when I try the link to download. Any possibilities of updating that???

  • Comment from winio

    Yeah i remember Van gogh, and prefer that too. ‘Hot game’ was a nice track, i dont know if thats produced by Premier or not…still wondering…

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