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One Kut (France) Doing a DJ Premier Hair Cut Design (Clip)

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4 Responses to “One Kut (France) Doing a DJ Premier Hair Cut Design (Clip)”

  • Comment from Jean Ferrat

    Nice effort (the haircut dude is skilled so thumbs up for him), unfortunately as plenty of haircuts nowadays is nothing but ugly…(you could be musically skilled like Pharell or Will.iam and produce a lot of sh*t, matter of fact)

    the haircut result looks awful to me…btw when could we see DJ premier tatooed on a dick… g<reat !


  • Comment from MeGaVeLi

    what tune is this? Don’t recall this on the album … this beat is SICK! Dj Premier the most important man in hiphop !

  • Comment from MeGaVeLi

    again … anyone know this tune and/or what it’s from? Many thanks!

  • Comment from MeGaVeLi

    found it … my bad! Thanks and Peace!

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