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The Game – HVN4AGNGSTA (Feat. Master P) (Official Version with Scratches) CDQ

Here’s the version with scratches from Premo:

Note: it seems that the servers from sharebeast are crashed and all the files are gone… They said sorry about that. So Sorry…

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8 Responses to “The Game – HVN4AGNGSTA (Feat. Master P) (Official Version with Scratches) CDQ”

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    Pretty much the same… sometimes extra scratches can push the beat to the next level but it’s just not happenin here.

  • Comment from RC

    So is this track actually gonna be on the physical release?? There seem’s to be confusion over that. Also good to finally to see scratches on this cut wouldn’t be a Premo joint without em’!!

  • Comment from pass1

    lol don’t be sorry, this is utter trash, it shames me that Premo wastes beats on these wack clowns.

  • Comment from Wicked

    I think the beat is decent and I like The Game on here along with Master P talking in the begining, but the singing is GAY AS FUCK and I think the rap Master P spits is fuckin garbage cuz he sounds horrible… it’s like he’s shouting. Still though, the worst part is that horrible singing. Who the fuck thought that singing was a good thing??? *shaking head*

  • Comment from polo249

    i’m with pass1 this is dreadful in every way!!!

  • Comment from WSJ

    I can really appreciate this beat, it reminds me of when I did not have equipment and would just loop shit with my 8 second Akai mixer back in the day….Speeding up the record to get more sample time LOL


  • Comment from AshPhantasy

    Feelin’ Preem’s beat, but not feelin’ Game’s lyrics. He spitted more lyrically on Martians vs. Goblins instead of this.

  • Comment from Dick B

    *DJ Premier

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