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DJ Premier Names Joey Bada$$ as 2012’s Hottest Rapper

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13 Responses to “DJ Premier Names Joey Bada$$ as 2012’s Hottest Rapper”

  • Comment from crazy g

    what a fucking jk man ,smh HIPHOP IS DEAD !

  • Comment from RickRocka

    Shoot, I’m glad premier said Joey Badass cause everyone else mentioned was garbage. BROOKLYN!!!

  • Comment from Rick Dolo

    @ crazy g, I cosign U man, They don´t know they are burryin´it…smh

  • Comment from Rick Dolo

    BTW…Joey Badass…is that a name he picked up in prison??!!…Preem, stop complaining about Kiddi rap…I would battle this yungin and win…nobody ever tried to gain Preem´s attention more than me!!! Fuck…If that is the reason for Preem´s cosign…GOOD NIGHT HIP HOP!!!!

  • Comment from rollo

    Hip hop is all faggots now….

  • Comment from 90's Rap

    Thats a joke right???
    Dj Premier has also the bad gusto….his infected with bad rap music….i hope he gets well soon!!!!

  • Comment from Caliph

    Sean P dropped a album…and these niggas talk about two chain? WTF

  • Comment from Wigg1

    I was personally thinking like Immoratal Technique or something (his mixtape was better than all those artists). Even Public Enemy dropped 2 dope albums this year.

    Out of all these new style “rappers” though Joey BadA$$ is kinda dope so far from the 2 songs I’ve heard (Survival Tactics). But dope’ist Rapper of the year is KRS ONE…. The BDP ALBUM WAS Fire!

  • Comment from mids

    I think this vid shows the stupidness of most people in the game. Only Preemo and 9th Wonder came out with real talent. WTF – that dude saying Kanye, and the others saying themselves…SMH.

  • Comment from polo249

    who the fuck are these rappers…never heard of most of them….wack, pure wack…so glad i don’t follow this type of so called hip hop!!!

  • Comment from sebib

    Joey Bada$$ is the only one on that list who brings gully flavor with his music.

  • Comment from Hrdcore

    I’d have to go with Lil Fame, Bumpy Knuckles or Gavlyn this year. Strictly hardcore artists.

  • Comment from Callum As I C Um

    The fake blond, bimbo who said 2 Chainz is the best of 2012 is a complete idiot. He is without a doubt one of the worst rappers of all time next to Nicki Minaj. Can’t even believe he or she gets a pass on the mic it’s undeniable how bad their bars and flow both are. If they were white they would be laughed off the stage in 2 seconds just like Vanilla Ice was and the career would have been over. On the other hand I like Premier’s choice because Joey Bada$$ is not a gimmick and can rap his ass off. I hope to see some vinyl in 2013 by him.

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