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Live From HeadQCourterz (01/18/2013) Guest: @DJP

DJ Premier Interview with Al Lindstrom

What can be said about DJ Premier that hasn’t already been put to print? His career is thriving in its fourth decade when many artists have a difficult time seeing another summer as fads and trends ebb and flow. Premier is not trendy; he sets trends. His work ethic, music catalog, and adherence to time-honored principles rooted in the foundation of Hip Hop invite and entice fans spanning different generations. Because there is genuineness to the man behind the beats, he possesses the ability to make those around him better –better lyricists, better producers, and better individuals. The “best of the best” has always flocked to Primo and today seems to be no exception. With the rise of talented MCs like Joey Bada$$, as but one example, DJ Premier is providing soundscapes for a new generation of artists.

In the article that follows, read how he initially teamed up with Joey and would relish the opportunity to hit the studio with Drake and 2 Chainz. Also, Premier explains how Game’s “Heaven For A Gangsta” came about and that it was a must that the streets hear it despite it not making the album’s deadline.

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