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DJ Premier Remix of Snowgoons “Get Off The Ground” Featuring 8 artists

According to Termanology’s twitter account we will be seeing a DJ Premier remix of this track in the near future. The track was released last year on the album “Snowgoons Dynasty” and featured Termanology, Lil Fame, Sean P, Ruste Juxx, Justin Time & H. Stax. Papoose and Reks are added specially for this new production. Lets see…

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8 Responses to “DJ Premier Remix of Snowgoons “Get Off The Ground” Featuring 8 artists”

  • Comment from t.r.

    Reks is also added!

    • Comment from gimantalon

      thanks t.r. much blessings..

      what do you think of the new Papoose track? it’s already on youtube for a while.

  • Comment from t.r.

    It’s fucking dope! Yeah it sucks that you aren’t allowed to post leaked tracks anymore! My favourite Premier track this year this far…

  • Comment from yoyo

    Why can’t you post leaked tracks when they are already uploaded on YouTube?

    Maybe you can make a post to inform people it exist instead of posting the full track?

    NOT feeling the new Papoose track at all. Beat is booring as hell. Weak beat..

    • Comment from gimantalon

      Because Youtube can do more than others. They (the new upcoming artists) just don’t understand how it works and acting like I’m uploading full albums. But if you want to be first with the new tracks, sign up at the forum ( Some fans are even faster than me on that 😀 and we are all big family, also the facebookpage ( is up to date on new tracks.

      I think the blog has too much attention 🙁

  • Comment from Breeze

    Oh shit, can’t wait to hear this.

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    Hey Gim! I have a question for ya about the leaked tracks. So since you cant post them any longer, is this blog still going to be the easiest way to know when the new tracks do come to surface? Are you going to be able to post them after they have been released? I’m just curious on the rules now.

  • Comment from Dick B

    Oh, shit…Sean Price over Premo. This is where dreams come true.

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