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Papoose Encouraged By DJ Premier’s Support

Several notable Rap figures told Papoose that he couldn’t relax now that he’d released his long-awaited debut album. “I was talking to brothers in the game I respect like DJ Premier,” Papoose says. “He was telling me, ‘Yo, man I love the album. I’m glad you finally got it out, and you can’t hesitate to drop the next one. It can’t take seven years…you gotta be fast on it. And I’m definitely gonna be a part of it.’ He’s not the only one that’s told me that; I’m hearing it from a couple different people. Just judging from what people that support me are saying, I think I’m gonna have to move fast to get this next album out. I’m already planning, plotting and strategizing on that. Remy [Ma] will be home next year, and I’m just gonna be contributing to her movement and what she’s trying to do from behind the scenes. We’re working on a lot of things under the table, because a lot of different companies and entities are reaching out to her. We’re planning her comeback, so I feel sorry for everybody.”