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Marco Polo Names “2 To The Stomach” As His 2nd Favorite Sample Flip

Marco Polo: “Yeah, I’m going a little further into Preem’s catalog only because I read up all the other sample flips lists so I want my shit to be different. Nonetheless, this is riot inducing type production. DJ Premier is the chop emperor and the drum king. This beat demonstrates both. He took 3-4 pieces of those sax-a-ma-phones – (c) Homer Simpson – which really don’t sound so sinister on the original and made some filth for Blaq Poet to yell on. What the hell is better then this? Another reason Preem is the man is because he’ll pick 2-3 pieces of some shit on its own that most people would skip over BUT when he hooks it up, then adds his signature drums, bounce, funk… game over people, bow down to the king of the chop. He also has this eerie, steady string sound in there that he uses in other beats to fill up space. Love it. That’s what makes a classic producer to me. Having those little signature sounds and using them in numerous beats. establishing “a sound” used to be mandatory. Standing out in the crowd was a goal, now it’s bite city.”

“2 To The Stomach” samples Major Harris – “Laid Back Love” (WMOT, 1976)

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