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Exclusive DJ Premier x Serato Limited Double Vinyl Release Hitting Stores Soon

Serato didn’t release the news/details yet but word on the street says that Serato contacted DJ Premier for a collaboration with the pressing devision of the company. It will be a limited double vinyl release with off course the Serato Control Tone on the other side, but the A side sounds very interesting, check it out:

DJ Premier x Serato Limited Double Vinyl Release Includes:

NYGz – My Influences (Prod. by DJ Premier)
Lady of Rage – Chemical Burn (Prod. by DJ Premier)
2 exclusive unreleased beats by DJ Premier

It will probably include slip mats too. No release date is given (as the news isn’t official yet). So be on the lookout! Last track Serato released of DJ Premier was Kendra Morris Concrete Waves (DJ Premier 320 Remix) (via Waxpoetics).

New M.O.P. Album With DJ Premier Production Coming in March ’14

Probably not, but if this is fully produced by DJ Premier it will beat the NYGz upcoming album as for first fully DJ Premier produced album since The Ownerz?! Can’t wait!!

EDIT: This is the new M.O.P. album, the collabo album with DJ Premier will be released late 2014.

Did DJ Premier Do Scratches on a 2007 Chris Brown Track?

Yeah he did! Haha, this is probably one of the weirdest posts I ever made… Nobody noticed it (off course), but when you look down the credits of the ’07 album “Exclusive” by Chris Brown (do the Chris Brown fans don’t read the credit-book of their idol??) you read at track #5 “Picture Perfect” it’s produced by and the scratches are done by DJ Premier… So for the real Premo freaks like me, DJ Premier did scratches for Chris Brown.

I’m not even going to upload the track lol, just go here at 3min mark.

In 2012 DJ Premier told us he was going to produce for Chris Brown, but it never happened. Thanks to claaa7 for the heads up!

DJ Premier Working With Macklemore

Immortal Technique, Macklemore, DJ Premier and Ryan Lewis.

DJ Premier Interview with Just One Record

DJ Premier On Importance of Health Care (Interview)