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Kontrafakt (Slovakia) Preview of New Song “O5 S5” Produced by DJ Premier

Ow shieeet. From their upcoming album released in a few days.

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10 Responses to “Kontrafakt (Slovakia) Preview of New Song “O5 S5” Produced by DJ Premier”

  • Comment from Seven-Nine

    Why the hell guys like THIS get a Primo beat??! Why they even can get in CONTACT with him?? I don’t get it. Beat sounds dope, but those raps just sound like ish (NOT talking about the foreign language (!!), just the lack of flow!).

  • Comment from Royal Black

    Cant see the video here in germany..:(

  • Comment from P

    Beat from the fourth drawer.

  • Comment from Moe


  • Comment from Al

    Totally agree with Seven-Nine !! Primo only pays the bills as he said… Hip-hop is dead !

  • Comment from rollo

    @seven-nine primo has to pay the rent like all of us…major labels don’t pay they way they used to…most of them are going out of business so primo takes outside work

  • Comment from lubo

    yall aint know nothing about kontrafakt … one of the illest in europe mufuckas ….

  • Comment from CallMeTheUncle

    how can you judge an artist by 8 seconds long video? you should just google Kontrafakt or Rytmus (rapper in the video). they have built the scene in Slovakia. they are local legends and those guys totally deserve a beat from Primo.

  • Comment from Seven-Nine

    The full song could already be heard man, so we know what we’re talking about. And even if Kontrafakt may be relevant in Slovakia, they are absolutely unrelevant outside of the country. I appreciate if HipHop is taken in the whole world and if these guys helped to build the scene in east Europe, it’s cool, but still ist not relevant for the rest of Europe, especially France, Germany and UK, who are by far the leading countries in Europe in all things of HipHop.

    To make a long story short: This is NOT a critic on the crew, but on Primo, cause I KNOW that so many WAY better crews tried to get in contact with him in the past and they couldn’t get through.

  • Comment from Danec

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    u know nothing about Rytmus, he is legend in Czech republic and in Slovakia, these numbers say it itself. He drives bentley and makes much more money than many famous rappers in Europe.

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