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Skyzoo & Torae – The Aura (Prod. by DJ Premier & Antman Wonder) CDQ

New track from Skyzoo & Torae’s upcoming album “Barrel Brothers” co produced by DJ Premier:

Here we have Antman Wonder explaining how this track came together:

Did you get feedback from any of the original “Reasonable Doubt” producers like Ski and Premier?

Well that segues right into “The Aura.” I think about three weeks after “Ode To Reasonable Doubt” dropped Skyzoo was at HipHop Nation for Sirius and he texted me saying Preem loves the album. So I hit him up and he gave me the call-in number and DJ Premier interviewed me on the show. He gave me some tidbits and behind the scenes stuff. Then I told him that I wanted to work with him and he passed off his email. It’s funny because about a year prior I said on Twitter that by the end of this year I’m going to work with DJ Premier.

I was a month or two late but it still came together. I’d put some melodies together and there were one or two that sounded like Premo. “Bring It On” was like one of my favorite songs on Reasonable Doubt so I went for an airy but warm feel like that had. I had Premier in mind when I made it. So for him to pick that was meant to be. I was kicking myself because I wanted to do some crazy Conan The Barbarian cartoon type beat, real heavy. But sometimes I make the music I need, not the music I want. I felt that was the one he was going to pick.

Then Skyzoo passed them off to Preem [to sample]. I didn’t hear about it for a while but then Sky called me one night and he said “I need you to touch up this beat.” Premo couldn’t finish it but he chose one of the samples, added drums and looped it, etc. And that’s how “The Aura” came together. I finished it up in about an hour. It really has that New York feel to it.

Gang Starr’s “No More Mr Nice Guy” was one of the first vinyls I ever played. I was like seven. My uncle left me his record collection when he went to the military. He left me his little stereo system with the tape deck and the turntable on top. Out of all the records the Gang Starr stood out to me. I tried to scratch on it, probably effed the album all up. But it was that moment when I realized I like beats more than rhymes. A lot of artists listen to the words before anything but I’ll catch the words on the second or third listen.I can tune everything out and just hear music. And if the artist brings it then it just takes it there. I ain’t never heard anybody like Guru, but I gotta enjoy the music first. So now in 2014 I get to work with one of my idols.

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