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EXCLUSIVE: First Division – This Iz Tha Time (Prod. by DJ Premier) (Radio Rip)

Exclusive joint from their official debut album called “Overworked and underpaid”, expect a video for it soon!

By the way, this beat was originally made for Busta Rhymes!

And don’t forget to check First Division’s The Critical Path Pt. 1 & 2, with productions from Marco Polo, DJ Skizz, BeatWyze, …

Peace to Shylow!

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20 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: First Division – This Iz Tha Time (Prod. by DJ Premier) (Radio Rip)”

  • Comment from Akw

    I used to wait patiently for new premo beats and always got excited when I heard them. Now, over the last 2 or so years, I no longer care. Premo has lost his touch. I hate to say it. Having bought Step in the Arena on tape, in 91, it’s difficult for me to admit. Also, after asking him about the NYG’z album, in Australia in 2004, he has still not released Hustlers Union. I doubt we’ll see it this year, which makes it around 12 years since he announced it. Great site you have here, I always enjoyed it in its old form too. You always had the hard to find joints. Thanks, retired Premo fan.

    • Comment from G. Hakim

      I love every Gang Starr track. If you bought that album in 1991, you can still put it back on, to hear that flow. It is as good today as it was in 1991.

    • Comment from G. Hakim

      Can’t find your copy? Check iTunes. I am in Canada, and bought the whole album for $5.99 on iTunes a month ago. I guarantee if you put that album back on, your point of view will change.

  • Comment from G. Hakim

    Nice flow.

  • Comment from Real Talk

    feeling the track fly shit

  • Comment from akw

    Not sure what you’re referring to. I can assure you, the NYG’z album produced by Premier, has not been released. I listen to Step in the Arena often. Im referring to his new production.

    • Comment from G. Hakim

      Exactly when was the last time you listened to at least most of Step in the Arena?

  • Comment from akw

    How is that relevant? Did you read the post? That album is class.
    I’M TALKING ABOUT HIS NEW PRODUCTION. Also, I listen to it quite often, ALL the way through.

    • Comment from G. Hakim

      What were you expecting from Premier? The article says this beat was originally for Busta Rhymes.

  • Comment from High Flyer

    There is no win for losing with it. First cats were saying Premier was making the same beat over and over. And now he is switching it up the style a little bit with his new MPC, now you are saying he is losing his touch. This is a transition period to a new machine, so I am curious to see what the future holds.

  • Comment from Realtalk

    My opinion is this, he’s an artist like everyone else in this game whom I’m sure goes thru creative times and non creative times. It’s a new era in hip-hop where things have changed dramatically, so I’m sure Premier is experimenting with new sounds/styles. Some recent production to note is The Meeting and the DITC remix, in my opinion are bangers.

  • Comment from Damarsaloka

    great track

  • Comment from surya

    nice post,thanks for sharing with us…

  • Comment from rollo

    Premier’s beats really lost a lot when he abandoned the two inch reel analog sound

  • Comment from theaddict

    Was whatever on first listen, puffed an L, listened again, it’s actually pretty hot.

    @AKW. I’m a pretty hardcore Premo fan, when I moved overseas I even brought him out for dj sets, but I do agree with AKW on certain points. I understand what this guy is trying to say. The past couple of years, preemo beats have not been as legendary as we would like, being his dedicated fans and all…but do keep in mind, you can hear him trying to change up his sound a little bit over the past couple of years and is much closer to perfecting it. Every beat I hear from Preem for the last 4-6 months have been quite strong. I believe Preem is also mixing his own productions, no more Eddie Sancho on the boards, you can definitely hear Preem’s mixes getting a lot better over the past 5-6 years as well.

  • Comment from Marshall

    I feel what AKW is saying. Either Preemo lost the ability to amaze me or I lost the ability of getting amazed by Preem beats. I think that in some areas, or maybe in every kind of art, you have a timeline to be great at whatever you do.

  • Comment from what what

    making a classic banger takes alot of emotional energy and dedication. he gave us 15+ years of nothing but classics and now he is doing other things like being a hip-hop embassador, radio host, celebrity dj, a&r, touring, marketing, promotional projects etc etc etc

  • Comment from G. Hakim

    It could take 15+ years to call a track classic.

  • Comment from what what

    i posted before giving an honest listen and i think this is one of his better recent joints though

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