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DJ Premier & The Badder – Rockin With The Best (Feat. Royce Da 5’9″)

NBA Countdown – ESPN’s NBA pregame show – has earned an excellent reputation for its stellar music selection – a smooth mix of modern and classic hip-hop.

Music director Kevin Wilson and Countdown production team members Amina Hussein, Lisa James, Terrell Bouza, Alvin Anol, Brandon Lowe and Tyrone Frison always have their ears to the streets for music that will add to the show.

And, starting on the latest edition of NBA Countdown (7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN), the show will be rockin’ with the best.

Legendary hip-hop producer DJ Premier, the driving force behind several legendary acts and artists, has teamed up with Royce Da 5’9”, one of the most respected lyricists in the genre, for a new track called “Rockin’ With The Best.” The track will be the central part of NBA Countdown’s new broadcast open, which features highlights of the top NBA stars.

For Premier, this is his second go-around with NBA Countdown. In 2014, the “Preemo,” through his connection with famous hip-hop fan and ESPN NBA Countdown analyst Jalen Rose, contributed several new beats to the show.

Front Row caught up with both Premier and Royce to discuss the collaboration.

How would you describe “Rockin With The Best” with Royce Da 5’9”?
DJ Premier: The title describes us and it describes the competition that goes along with basketball. It’s the attitude that you need, so we wanted this track to carry that vision.

What is it about working with NBA Countdown that prompted you to collaborate again?
DJ Premier: I’m such a fan of sports and ESPN is the “go to” channel, as soon as I wake up every single morning, in order to get the happenings of the day. It’s a blessing to even have the opportunity to get involved musically with NBA Countdown.

Describe working with DJ Premier.
Royce Da 5’9″: Working with Premier is always an honor no matter how much music we’ve made together in the past. Being recognized for our talents and having the opportunity to work with ESPN and the NBA is next level. You forget the magnitude of your work until your father calls you and says he just heard you on ESPN; that’s when it really hits you!

Source: ESPN Front Row

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