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DMC & DJ Premier Does Knicks 2016-17 Anthem

In an interview with Complex Magazine DMC revealed he worked with DJ Premier for the new Knicks Anthem! Check check:

That shirt you’re wearing [a Run-NYC Knicks shirt] is awesome.
You wanna hear something cool?

Tell me.
Me and DJ Premier just did the new Knicks anthem.

YES. And it’s New York City. It ain’t no EDM, it ain’t no pop music.

Is that dropping soon?
It’s dropping very soon. Just got the final thing. It’s KILLA.

[Starts rapping.] DMC is on the mic, and Preem is on the mix /

That’s all I gotta say. It’s real tough. It was my first time working with DJ Premier. It’s the New York Knicks new anthem. It’s hard.

[Starts rapping.] The attitude and the mood is New York / Nobody can do it like New York / This is how we do it in New York / So let’s show ‘em how we do it in New York / Let’s go!

Is that a sample of what’s to come?

Yeah. And then the beat drops and it’s over.


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