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NYGz – A Tear 4 A Year (Radio Rip)

Wow!! I actually can’t remember the last time we had an audio leak of this most anticipated DJ Premier album in the history of real Premo fiends :D. All I know is that we will support Panchi and Shabeeno for life!! Peace to the whole clique. Now enjoy this superb sample cutting in this new radio rip and make your day!! You already know with P-P-P-Premier.

From the upcoming NYGz album dropping this year(?).

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12 Responses to “NYGz – A Tear 4 A Year (Radio Rip)”

  • Comment from ODG

    My Influences been out since 2014 this album well well overdue
    Love this track

  • Comment from Mister Funkee

    Seems no audio embedded here. At least on iOS safari mobile web browser.

      • Comment from RBKONE

        Sry but Zipppyshare is down in Germany and completely forbidden by the government.. Could you upload it on another page or send it 2 me directly? Best wishes and a lotta thumpa up for this site and your work! one <3

      • Comment from Mister Funkee

        Zippyshare Link shows „forbidden 404” to me.

        Checked the Track through the regular podcast and left me a bit disappointed tbh.

        It uses the same David Sancious’ “Move On” sample like Edo. G’s “sayin something” remix. A remix of the original sayin something that uses a Premo beat. This is a bit weird imho, cause Preem must have known this remix and the remix (made by D-Son, Kon & Supe) is even better chopped and phatter mixed. I’d call it the “better” version that must have already existed at the time “A Tear…” was made as the Edo. G Release (on the “On Dogz” 12incg from 2000 release) has been there already.

        Still the track is dope and Panch & Sha doin like they used to and thats fine.

        • Comment from Yoyo

          I hear you. The Edog G remix is a complete DJ Premier ripoff so in this case I actually prefer the NYGz version. I think it’s refreshing to hear a DJ Premier track without the very obvious Preemo style chopping.

          • Comment from Mister Funkee

            What you mean with „ripoff“?? The Edo G Remix was released in 2000 and is a standalone version of the „sayin something“ verses by Edo –
            how in the world could that be a ripoff? The Edo G Remix is way better chopped, arranged and also better mixed. You still can prefer whatever you like, this is not about the MCs (got MAD love for NYGz!!), my comparison is only about the beats, but in this case imho it’s not understandable how someone CANT prefer the Edo Beat.

  • Comment from fraser mclaren


  • Comment from Preemoish

    Dig the Preemo sample and cuts. Panch and Sha doing their dopeness on the mic

  • Comment from MR2

    Oh God, please let this album come out before I die 😀

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