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R.I.P. Heavy D Tribute Mix by DJ Premier

DJ Premier – Heavy D Tribute Mix

Khaleel – The Authentic Vol. 1 (Mixed by DJ Premier)


01. Khaleel – DJ Premier Intro (Prod. by DJ Premier)
02. Khaleel – Hot Flames (Prod. by DJ Premier)
03. Khaleel – True or False
04. Khaleel – Poet & A Prophet (Feat. Jago)
05. Khaleel – Rappin’ Exercise (Feat. Panchi) (Prod. by Showbiz)
06. Khaleel – Waitin’ (Feat. Jago)
07. Khaleel – Come on by
08. Khaleel – Ride Wit A Nigga (Feat. Lil Ran)
09. Khaleel – Anonymous (Feat. Nick Javas) (Prod. by DJ Premier)
10. Khaleel – Everything I Need (Feat. Dee Rail)
11. Khaleel – Roll Up
12. Khaleel – Sunshine (Feat. Durty, Nealio & Jade)
13. Khaleel – Sometimes
14. Khaleel – All Up in Ya (Feat. Nick Javas) (Prod. by Marco Polo)

15. Khaleel – Texas (Feat. Coop)
16. Khaleel – DJ Premier Outro

Khaleel – The Authentic Vol. 1 (Mixed by DJ Premier)

Year Round Records artist Khaleel just released this new mixtape mixed by DJ Premier “The Authentic Vol. 1” to keep the streets satisfied before he’s dropping his much anticipated debut album “Already”. The future of Texas is here, enjoy! Again a dope loop on the intro just like the intro for the Nas RTB show.

R.I.P. Keith “Guru” Elam 1 Year Anniversary Tribute Live On Hot 97 by DJ Premier

DJ Premier – R.I.P. Keith “Guru” Elam 1 Year Anniversary Tribute Live On Hot 97 by DJ Premier

It can’t get more official… rip guru.

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito B-Side Show #2 (With DJ Premier & Jeru the Damaja) (1996)

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito – B-Side Show #2 (With DJ Premier & Jeru the Damaja) (1996)

Rare and nice! With unreleased DJ Premier instrumentals for everybody, right? This one was used in 1998:

Props to Dirty Waters!

Exclusive: Nate Dogg Tribute Mix by DJ Premier

DJ Premier – Nate Dogg Tribute Mix

R.I.P. -maybe the best singer in Hip Hop- Nate Dogg. We always going to remember the hooks.

Interesting note: DJ Premier and Nate Dogg never worked together. On the 7 Days remix Preem did for Craig David wasn’t with Nate Dogg. Everybody (included Atlantic Records) thought it was him but in fact it was Craig David imitating him. Presents DJ Premier: The Bootleg Files (Free Album)

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! People should know that some cuts aren’t produced by DJ Premier while many people say it is. Here’s a compilation I made of the most mistaken DJ Premier produced tracks… In the 90s you couldn’t share your music so easy and with many people like with internet, so people used to press bootlegs with their songs on it. To look it more interesting they wrote “DJ Premier Presents” or “Produced by DJ Premier” so it would sell more while Preem nothing had to do with it. Some bootlegs even went collector items… So note that some tracks are not the best quality and ripped from vinyl, but I assure you it’s the best quality out on the internet. Others are just mistaken a lot on the world wide web because somebody wrote it was produced by DJ Premier and everybody copied it. On a sidenote, most of the tracks are even banging HARD. Some really have that DJ Premier sound, so that’s cool either way. Happy leeching!!


1. 50 Cent – Fuck You (Prod. by Clark Kent)
2. Major – Just Can’t Lose (Prod. by DJ Pen One)
3. M.O.P. – The Life (Prod. by Laze E Laze)
4. Doswell – Watch Yourself (Prod. by DeCompose)
5. Big L – MVP (Remix)
6. AZ – Magic Hour (Feat. CL Smooth) (Prod. by Tone Mason)
7. Gang Starr – The Revolutionist (Prod. by J-Love)
8. Masta Ace – Conflict (Feat. Guru) (Remix) (Prod. by DJ Paul Nice)
9. KRS-One – My Life (Prod. by The Resistance)
10. 50 Cent – Too Hot (Feat. Nas & Nature) (Prod. by Clark Kent)
11. LL Cool J – Haters (Prod. by Marley Marl)
12. Ali Vegas – Queens Anthem (Prod. by Chop D.I.E.S.E.L)
13. Doswell – Hostile Takeover (Prod. by DeCompose)
14. Maylay Sparks – Unusual Styles (Prod. by Omne)
15. AZ – I Don’t Give A Fuck (Prod. by Chop D.I.E.S.E.L.)
16. Masta Ace – Saturday Night Live (Remix) (Prod. by LA Jay)
17. Rasco – Gunz Still Hot (Feat. Edo G & Reks) (Remix) (Prod. by Memo)
18. KRS-One – Fucked Up (Prod. by The Resistance)
19. Gang Starr – Tongue Of Terror
20. Freshco – Da Sounz
21. Wyclef Jean – 911 (Feat. Mary J. Blige) (Remix)

DJ Premier: The Bootleg Files

NOTE: Some songs doesn’t have a producer name because I don’t know who produced it, but those songs are verified by DJ Premier that it’s not produced by himself lol.


So I dare you to mail me one more time saying the trackology missing a song while it’s a bootleg or not produced by DJ Premier. You can even go to the tab “Freestyles & Corrections” to see more common DJ Premier mistakes… All for you my visitors, all for the love of hip hop! Shout out to my paint skills…

So what’s your favorite from the album? 😀

A Rock Tribute by DJ Premier Live In Montreal (2003)

DJ Premier – Live In Montreal (Rock Tribute) (2003)

Something left fielded I uploaded. A line-in recorded mix by DJ Premier before the Gang Starr performance in Montreal (back in 2003). Everybody knows by now DJ Premier is a big Rock & New Wave lover, but you can’t see him much mixing that genre. I love rock too, grew up on rapcore and 90s punk myself, but now not anymore. By getting older you learn to appreciate older music…

DJ Premier on The Lunch Breaks Show Today (Free Stream)!

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Diggy – Past, Present(s), Future Mixtape (Hosted by DJ Premier)

1.DJ Premier Intro
2.Digg Is Like
3.Risin’ To The Top
4.DJ Premier (Break 2)
5.Shook Ones Pt. 3
6.Wake Up (Interlude 1)
7.DJ Premier (Break 3)
8.Electric Relaxation
9.Paid In Full
10.Elevator Music (Interlude 2)
11.Shut Em’ Down
12.Cypher (Continued…)
13.DJ Premier Outro


15 year old son of Rev Run, also an American reality star & fashion designer according to wikipedia.

DJ Tony Touch Toca Tuesdays (12/21/2010)

DJ Tony Touch – Toca Tuesdays (12/21/2010)

Wow, this show is chilly willy dope. Guests are DJ Premier, Nick Javas, Showbiz, Bumpy Knuckles & D-Flow. Enjoy! getting ready for 2011!