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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! People should know that some cuts aren’t produced by DJ Premier while many people say it is. Here’s a compilation I made of the most mistaken DJ Premier produced tracks… In the 90s you couldn’t share your music so easy and with many people like with internet, so people used to press bootlegs with their songs on it. To look it more interesting they wrote “DJ Premier Presents” or “Produced by DJ Premier” so it would sell more while Preem nothing had to do with it. Some bootlegs even went collector items… So note that some tracks are not the best quality and ripped from vinyl, but I assure you it’s the best quality out on the internet. Others are just mistaken a lot on the world wide web because somebody wrote it was produced by DJ Premier and everybody copied it. On a sidenote, most of the tracks are even banging HARD. Some really have that DJ Premier sound, so that’s cool either way. Happy leeching!!


1. 50 Cent – Fuck You (Prod. by Clark Kent)
2. Major – Just Can’t Lose (Prod. by DJ Pen One)
3. M.O.P. – The Life (Prod. by Laze E Laze)
4. Doswell – Watch Yourself (Prod. by DeCompose)
5. Big L – MVP (Remix)
6. AZ – Magic Hour (Feat. CL Smooth) (Prod. by Tone Mason)
7. Gang Starr – The Revolutionist (Prod. by J-Love)
8. Masta Ace – Conflict (Feat. Guru) (Remix) (Prod. by DJ Paul Nice)
9. KRS-One – My Life (Prod. by The Resistance)
10. 50 Cent – Too Hot (Feat. Nas & Nature) (Prod. by Clark Kent)
11. LL Cool J – Haters (Prod. by Marley Marl)
12. Ali Vegas – Queens Anthem (Prod. by Chop D.I.E.S.E.L)
13. Doswell – Hostile Takeover (Prod. by DeCompose)
14. Maylay Sparks – Unusual Styles (Prod. by Omne)
15. AZ – I Don’t Give A Fuck (Prod. by Chop D.I.E.S.E.L.)
16. Masta Ace – Saturday Night Live (Remix) (Prod. by LA Jay)
17. Rasco – Gunz Still Hot (Feat. Edo G & Reks) (Remix) (Prod. by Memo)
18. KRS-One – Fucked Up (Prod. by The Resistance)
19. Gang Starr – Tongue Of Terror
20. Freshco – Da Sounz
21. Wyclef Jean – 911 (Feat. Mary J. Blige) (Remix)

DJ Premier: The Bootleg Files

NOTE: Some songs doesn’t have a producer name because I don’t know who produced it, but those songs are verified by DJ Premier that it’s not produced by himself lol.


So I dare you to mail me one more time saying the trackology missing a song while it’s a bootleg or not produced by DJ Premier. You can even go to the tab “Freestyles & Corrections” to see more common DJ Premier mistakes… All for you my visitors, all for the love of hip hop! Shout out to my paint skills…

So what’s your favorite from the album? 😀

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42 Responses to “ Presents DJ Premier: The Bootleg Files (Free Album)”

  • Comment from yoyo

    you forgot this one:

    Master Fuol – It’s On

    the instrumental is actually really good! sounds like a beat from a 90s DJ Premier R’n’B remix! The off key synth on the hook is horrible though..

    this was on a 12″ with Kool G Rap – My Life on the flip.. it said prod. by DJ Premier on both. Fake bootleg!

  • Comment from AMAru

    very dope post gim, my fav outta these is definitely too hot, a fuckin classic, people forgot that 50 used to be dope…

  • Comment from Terence Chill

    50 Cent – Too Hot (Feat. Nas & Nature) (Prod. by Clark Kent) i thought it was prod. by The Dream Team

  • Comment from nOF

    ZIP please

  • Comment from nOF

    Btw, my fav by just looking at the tracks is Rasco – Gunz Still Hot (Feat. Edo G & Reks) (Remix)
    Timeless and beautiful

  • Comment from clever post!

    many of these are still definite bangers, especially the 50! thanks for this

  • Comment from AMAru

    btw are u sure tongue of terror ain’t a premo production??? cuz on the vinyl he’s credited as the producer…

  • Comment from d.fusion

    yo gim, you forgot the dict – where ya at remix 🙂

  • Comment from Phil

    7. Gang Starr – The Revolutionist (Prod. by J-Love)

    Should be “Guru/Baldhead Slick” not Gangstarr

  • Comment from Phil

    Btw Thanks Gim for the comp , I’ve been looking for some of these tracks for a while.

  • Comment from LG ROC

    Me Likes a lot!

    3. M.O.P. – The Life (Prod. by Laze E Laze)
    8. Masta Ace – Conflict (Feat. Guru) (Remix) (Prod. by DJ Paul Nice)
    14. Maylay Sparks – Unusual Styles (Feat. Chief Kamachi) (Prod. by Omne)

    And I would recommend yall to check the follow tracks also.
    -Alchemist >> Maylay Sparks – It’s Our’s (My favorite!)
    -M-Boogie >> M-Boogie feat. Triple Seis & DJ Revolution – New York, New York
    -M-Boogie >> Mykill Miers – Don’t Test
    -M-Boogie >> Mykill Miers feat. Freddie Foxxx & DJ Revolution – Wanna Be An MC?

  • Comment from The Big Sleep

    Not sure who actually produced the MVP 2000 Remix but DJ Mike Nice told me that “a Canadian kid” who used to run with DJ Flateline and the Crate Bullies made it. That’s all I know.

  • Comment from yoyo

    You forgot this remix of Conflict:

    It has been credited as DJ Premier production many times.

    The Big L – MVP track is the wrong one. The one that has been stated as a DJ Premier Remix numerous of times is this one:

    I don’t know who did it?

  • Comment from wantmybeats

    Who produced the Big L joint? I thought I heard it from DJ Premier’s Big L tribute.

  • Comment from j0oftheworld

    Killer post Gim…
    All dope beats, no wonder people thought this was Premo!

  • Comment from MC_Squarepants

    I think the mvp remix is not the one that is always credited as Premiers beat. There is another remix that is heavily chopped and it samples “heres that rainy day” (sample from in memory of…) in the end.

    My favorite on this compilation is fucked up by KRS!

  • Comment from jj

    – gang starr tongue of terror is a premo beat
    – ditc – where ya at remix is from premo so it isn’t on this compilation
    – @gim: whoy you don’t ask premo about the big l remix?
    – gang starr and guru/baldhead slick both have songs called “the revolutionist” and they both different tracks, just the same track name.

  • Comment from bctw

    DJ Premier has so many sons!

    This compilation is dope, thank you Gim, you are the man.

    Might I add that Jut Master Kurt has come very close to mastering Preem’s style of production:

    I also for years thought MOP’s Calm Down just had to be a Premier beat, even though I had the album and the credit says Fizzy Womack (another of Preem’s many sons):

    Ante Up has that Premier feel too, big time.

    Also shout out to dude who mentioned Mykill Miers, his first album was chock full of fake Premier beats.

    I know that there are plenty of others but these are the only ones that immediately come to mind.

  • Comment from theone

    tracklist is dope…but why can’t i download it from fileserve?:(

  • Comment from Phil

    @ JJ “- gang starr tongue of terror is a premo beat”

    The “Tongue of Terror / I’m not Superman” 12 inch was released by Nootrybe/Cooltempo so I guess your argument is valid

    Here’s the proof :

  • Comment from Wiktor

    you put wrong MVP Remix!

  • Comment from Phil

    @ JJ : I always thought “Where Ya At remix” was produced by The Molemen. Just read the credits on discogs , guess you’re right as well (but could have user-generated …)

    “Where Ya At (Remix)
    Producer – Premier*
    Rap [Uncredited, Featuring] – Big Pun* , Milano (2)
    Written-By – C. Martin* , C. Rios* , R. Morgan* “

  • Comment from jj

    where’s the logic?
    what has the production to do with nootrybe/cooltempo?

    BJ even wrote in the description box “produced by dj premier”

    you mean it’s a fake bootleg?

  • Comment from Phil

    @ JJ : I’m saying it’s NOT a bootleg. Nootrybe was Gangstarr’s label back then … should be a DJ Premier production

  • Comment from d.fusion

    DICT – where ya at RMX…
    we already had a discussion at the forum. im going stricktly by my ears and they tell me this is not premier. preemo always grooves his drums to perfection (except on mops – what i wanna be). not here though.
    this remix has preemo-wannabe written all over imho!

  • Comment from jj

    sry i misunterstood the meaning of the word valid… english isn’t my native language

  • Comment from cnn

    the best hardcore banger is definitely the 50 cent one..hardocre speaking that’s the one
    Hostile takeover is underrated (my view)….a bit grimy
    Rasco’s banger deserves real applause

    but the last one who should stand after WWIII is the Paul nice remix of Conflict……beat is ill and hyponotysing , rappers seem passionate about what they are doing….the shout out at the end sound true…if a rap school existed, students would have to listen and learn from this one 😉

    what a pity no vinyl of it exists….find it scandalous!!!!!! how could it be?

    Go Paul Nice go

  • Comment from Fab5Eddy

    funny no alchymist track has been mistaken for a Premo one… First time I heard Worst come to Worst I thought it was Premo. Back in the ay Achymist had that Premo-ish thing.

  • Comment from claaa7

    you gotta realize that there’s a whole bunch of bootlegs out there that’s done in very clever ways like using label logos and making them look very official. i don’t know about the “Tongue of Terror”/”Superman” 12″ being produced by DJ Premier or not, but i’m pretty sure it’s a bootleg.

  • Comment from Zasit

    Ali Vegas – “Queens Anthem” is my favorite. I always thought it was produced by Premier…

  • Comment from $WonDough$

    The bootleg files…sounds straight outta my alley

  • Comment from yoyo

    Let me say it again. The MVP Remix you put up is the Summer Smooth Mix produced by Salah. It even has it’s own music video! It has NEVER been labeled as a DJ Premier Remix?

    Other tracks that could have been included are:

    Ill Bill – The Names Ill Bill (prod. Alchemist):

    Twin – B.I.G. T.W.I.N.S (prod. Alechemist):

  • Comment from d

    regarding that nootrybe tongue of terror thing..its a boot

  • Comment from jj

    @yoyo yes youre right it’s the summer smooth remix, but there is a remix to a big l song what should be in this compilation because it really sounds preemish but we raelly don’t know if its prod. by preemo or not. its on youtube too. there are so many tracks you think it’s by preemo. i could add atleast 10 songs if i had to do a list…

  • Comment from pun

    If the “Where Ya At Remix” isn’t produced by dj premier, why would dj premier then say he only did a remix with Big Pun in it, but never a song??

  • Comment from trcassovia

    this beat maybe produced preem too..or ALC?

  • Comment from phil

    @ d :

    “UK bootleg with a fake Noo Trybe/Cooltempo label. ” wow that sucks

  • Comment from jj


    it’s m-boogie

  • downloaded no doubt!

  • Comment from CompoSimonite

    Why don’t you use a file host who aren’t a bunch of incompetent or scamming faggots? MEGAUPLOAD.COM is the only sensible choice!

  • Comment from Sam D

    Masta Ace-Conflict!
    The name’s Bill, from Ill Bill should be in this track list too!

  • Comment from Cody

    mvp 2000 best song released

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