DJ Premier Blog » New Gang Starr Art on 174th. Street between Park and Webster in the Bronx

New Gang Starr Art on 174th. Street between Park and Webster in the Bronx

This is sick. Painters are Logek, Cope, Deem, Sen, Gusto, Meres and OD who did the characters.

Props to Eddie Sancho for the heads up.

R.I.P. Guru

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11 Responses to “New Gang Starr Art on 174th. Street between Park and Webster in the Bronx”

  • Comment from shawamar

    This is beautifull. Guru looks in on point. I need to go check this out.

  • Comment from james

    Yeah, that mural is too sick. The artists did an outstanding job at capturing his likeness. Rest In Peace, sir.

  • Comment from haroon

    Nice. Props to all those involved.

  • Comment from claaa7

    very, very good piece. i’m impressed with everything from the characters to the lines and letters; as y’all say Guru looks very on point but you can see from a mile away that is DJ Premier too.

    outstanding work, hope it porno gay will stay there for a long time.

  • Comment from Iffy

    Yo everythings is pure dope but i wish they did premier better but they porn mobile got guru spot on

  • Comment from ziombel86

    look dope online payday loans hope i we will se on Your blog 100% ended this grafitti

  • Comment from Spawn

    this is great. in greece we do have crazy graf artists, but this is dope. wish i will be able to express myself like this one day.

  • Comment from Dejan Cuk

    thats pretty awesome! glad to have people paying respect to the legend; Gangstarr!!

    Guru R.I.P

  • Comment from XTRA-P

    Dope fuckin mural! All you robots betta bow-down and recognize! RIP GURU, cartoon porn GANGSTARR FOR LIFE!!

  • Comment from XTRA-P

    You gotta see the finished product! Shit is butta. Too bad lesbian videos you cant download the finished peice.

  • Comment from Uzi

    Damn, they took it down. They painted over it with white paint. The block looks dry now.

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