DJ Premier Blog » THE MYTH IS OVER: Madonna – Don't Tell Me (DJ Premier Unreleased Break Mix) (Radio Rip)

THE MYTH IS OVER: Madonna – Don't Tell Me (DJ Premier Unreleased Break Mix) (Radio Rip)

Another DJ Premier myth is totally vanished folks!! First we had the Nas Is Like sample myth cleared, now this “Don’t Tell Me” by Madonna remixed by DJ Premier is revealed…

Here’s a short timeline for y’all;

- First we had the countless rumors of DJ Premier remix a Madonna song. Some said it was the track “Don’t Tell Me”.
- Then we had some people claiming they had it… Fake…
- Then we had this message from a German Madonna fan site that the Don’t Tell Me Remix by DJ Premier will be pressed on a colored wax in Germany…
- Finally I could ask Premier himself if it’s true about the “Don’t Tell Me” remix. His reply was that there are 2 versions remixed by him send to Madonna. But she didn’t liked it so it never saw the light of day.
- Now we have DJ Premier spinning one version of it…

Enjoy my friends, DJ Premier = GOAT once again:


Pfff… this is my first love to do this blog :D I CAN FEEL THAT BASSLINE. Shout out to D-Stroy and Crazy Legs too!

So it does exists… Hmmm. CDQ prolly never coming out though, I remember him saying he doesn’t have the rights to release the vocals. Maybe Timbaland can ask Madonna, or Pharell.

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11 Responses to “THE MYTH IS OVER: Madonna – Don't Tell Me (DJ Premier Unreleased Break Mix) (Radio Rip)”

  • Comment from Wiktor

    classic primo :D

  • Comment from AMAru

    nice gim i was about to rip it but my pc crashed :(
    did you tip the original version of 10 crack commandments?

  • Comment from matteos

    Can u post a track without them talking over vocals???

  • Comment from yoyo


    DDOOPPEE!!!!!!! PUT OUT THIS BEAT PREMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love the beat, but I don’t like the song.

    And by the way, DJ Premier was a guest today January 10th on The Lunch Break Show on and I guess D-Stroy is the host. This where the audio comes from. And yo Matteos, this will NEVER be released… The talking over the song is all you get.

    You can watch the show on Ustream…

  • Comment from Haroon

    This should’ve been released.

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @Shaun D., that’s why I typed shout out to Crazy Legs and D-Stroy. You could watch the show live here. The funny part is that it’s thanks to my brother who asked D-Stroy to play the madonna remix and hot 97 promo. My brother was chatting with D-Stroy and D-Stroy was bugging out and almost didn’t believed about these ‘unreleased’ shit so he asked Preem and he played it. Very dope. 1

  • Comment from GB-4double

    Manyun… Great show yesterday, folks had a good time vibing with you Primo… salute

  • @gimantalon Your brother should have asked about Eminem’s KEYS TO THE CITY (DJ PREMIER REMIX) from a couple of years ago… I know you remember that. I wonder if The Game song is done and mastered? I wonder when Preem will debut that shit?

  • Comment from gimantalon

    that em song does not exists in any form

  • Comment from Tinlady

    Post the full version!

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