DJ Premier Blog » Exclusive: Khaleel – Hot Flames MUSIC VIDEO

Exclusive: Khaleel – Hot Flames MUSIC VIDEO

New music video from DJ Premier compilation album “Get Used To Us” featuring Year Round Record artist Khaleel with cameo of Bun B. Get ready for “Opportunity Knocks” video by Nick Javas premiering this Thursday on MTVU. Year Round baby!!

“Get Used To Us” soon to be released on CD/DVD, be on the lookout…

For real, i want them trucks!

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7 Responses to “Exclusive: Khaleel – Hot Flames MUSIC VIDEO”

  • Comment from JP

    uhhhh no comment….

  • Comment from Weirdo

    I love Preem but he should give better beats to the dudes of his own label…stuff like that “25th Hour” beat for Reks.

  • Comment from DJ "suMo*

    Beat iz bangin. The kid Khaleel iz gutter wit tha shit.!

  • Comment from LG Roc

    I Love that track! Nice and minimalistic like Term – So Amazing.

  • Comment from krudanze

    this beat is straight hardcore shit. been lovin it since radio rip came out

  • Comment from DJ GuttahMastah D

    My favorite parts about dj premier beats are the scratchin and cuttin. It gives the beat that hardcore sound like you’re battling someone.

    The beat is simple, yet classic and hardcore. Just how it like it. Thanks Premo! Khaleel’s voice goes so well with this beat too he’s reminding me of Guru (RIP) with his nice ass voice.

  • Comment from Dj Nasa

    100% TEXASS

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