DJ Premier Blog » PICS: Keith "Guru" Elam Collage Graduation ’83

PICS: Keith "Guru" Elam Collage Graduation ’83

Keith “Guru” Elam graduated from Morehouse College in 1983 with a degree in Business Administration. From there he took graduate classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan…

All photos are copyrights from the Elam Family Estates & Archives.



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5 Responses to “PICS: Keith "Guru" Elam Collage Graduation ’83”

  • pceiate the post…rip guru

  • Comment from Statikmatik

    Still missed dude.

  • Comment from Phil

    so sad to see this … RIP Guru

  • Comment from dreamcity gh

    Miss u Guru, RIP…

  • Premier,
    Thank you for putting up this site. You & Guru were the sound that really made the difference for me when it comes to 90’s hip hop. I don’t expect you to remember this, but I hung out backstage with you, Guru & Gordon @ the Newport News Jam Fest way back in 4/1994. Vickie Tobak set it up for me. Fond memories.
    I still have those Gang Starr comic book drawings we talked about doing of you, Guru & Jeru. Email me & I’ll send you the images. Use them for the site, man. I just want to say in my own way how much you guys meant in your music to so many people.

    – Sterling Clark

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