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Busta Rhymes & DJ Premier In The Studio (Video)


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18 Responses to “Busta Rhymes & DJ Premier In The Studio (Video)”

  • Comment from Decapitatah

    That beat has been playing in my head since i watched this video. CANT WAIT!!

  • Comment from AMAru

    daaayyuum a dream comes true, finally. this is like the collabo of the year so far, can’t wait to hear the full track

  • Comment from who shot john

    Nice to see these two connect, but Dilla brought the very best out of Busta imo…..

  • Comment from Hector Klink

    These two dudes raised me, musically. And now in my adult years it’s going to happen. Preem and Bussa Buss? I speak for a lotta peeps when I say: We can’t wait.

  • Wow, can’t fuckin wait! Shit’s official.

  • Comment from Six

    That’s gonna be sick! I wonder what track #2 sounds like???

  • Comment from Bullet

    Can’t wait for that to come out and once prem busted out that m.o.p. joint i immediately felt like listening to firing squad. Like that prem is also sporting that apathy hat, where can i get one???

  • Comment from Sinosure

    Ya’ll truly gave us a damn snippet too, lol! Yo, I can’t wait though, this has been a long time coming! That beat has me salivating too! REAL HIP HOP STILL LIVES!!

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    lmao at how short this snippet is. Can’t even hear the beat. Don’t know what y’all are salivating over.

  • Comment from d.fusion

    snippets sounds a little too slow and layback but busta is probably kill it anyway. hopefully the other track is more uptempo!

  • Comment from d.fusion

    btw it sounds like that afu-interlude…

  • Comment from Rongo

    First and very short snippet, but sounds like a incredibly phat bassline…

  • Comment from Dick B.

    I’m so hype right now and the beat sounds like fire even if it was just 5 seconds the bassline is insane!

  • Comment from SeventhSun

    So erhh… floppy discs are analog? Really??? :-)

    Beat sounds crazy though.

  • Comment from AMAru

    did y’all read preems tweet that this is an intro to the acutal song??? sick!!

  • Comment from proofman

    crazyyyy staff by premo

  • Comment from Arti

    Yo why is the video not working ?

  • Comment from Arti


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