DJ Premier Blog » Lady of Rage – Chemical Burn (Prod. by DJ Premier) (Radio Rip)

Lady of Rage – Chemical Burn (Prod. by DJ Premier) (Radio Rip)

BOOOM!! She’s back!!!! It’s been 6 years since we heard this female legend on a DJ Premier beat, too long imo. But 2014 makes that change. From the upcoming Serato x DJ Premier collabo release with 4 exclusive DJ Premier instrumentals and productions releasing next month! Here’s the tracklist:

1. NYGz – My Influences
2. Lady Of Rage – Chemical Burn
3. Spaced Dem Mo (Instrumental)
4. Scarz Face (Instrumental)

With no further do, the radio rip of the new Lady of Rage:

Lady of Rage – Chemical Burn (Prod. by DJ Premier) (Radio Rip)

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6 Responses to “Lady of Rage – Chemical Burn (Prod. by DJ Premier) (Radio Rip)”

  • Comment from Stud

    Best Rage and Primo collab by far!!

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  • Comment from Dick B

    @Stud – Hell naw. I’d at least have to hear the CDQ of this to really say, but I’d still take all their previous collabs over this one (the collabs I know of are the two on her debut album and “Unfucwitable” – “Microphone Pon Cok” being the best of all).

  • Comment from Ama Hussla


    Damn you really think this track is by far better than “microphone pon cock” “some shit” or “unforgettable”???

    Well to each his own

  • Comment from terrytee


  • Comment from Stud

    @Dick B & Ama Hussla
    Hell yes! I remember buying her album because Premier produced those joints, but I wasn’t wowed after hearing them. Microphone Pon Cok is second behind this one right here!

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