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V/A – Najsilniejsi przetrwają (Prod. by DJ Premier & Luxon) (Music Video) (Poland)

Lyrics: Pyskaty, Numer Raz, Proceente, Pelson, Rahim, Łysol, Mielzky, Dwa Sławy, Zeus, Chada, Klasik, Quebonafide, JodSen, Joteste, Bezczel, Siwers, Ten Typ Mes
Music: DJ Premier & Luxon
Cuts: The Returners, DJ Flip
Mix & Mastering: Marek Dulewicz
Video: BDV
Set design: Dorota Boruń / The Swing Gang
Backup: Patryk Sawicki, Krzysztof Urbaniak, Piotr Szewc, Wiktor Wolny.

Is this like whole Poland rapping on a DJ Premier beat? Wicked! …Only the first beat is the premo beat I think and if I understood it correct, this track should be dedicated to the 15 years celebration of the Poland clothes company “Mass Dnm” that also used Preem in the past for modeling. Enjoy!

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4 Responses to “V/A – Najsilniejsi przetrwają (Prod. by DJ Premier & Luxon) (Music Video) (Poland)”

  • Comment from Fan

    Sounds like a preemo beat tailor made for maybach music!

  • Comment from Igor

    Its not whole Poland rapping its a 1/4 stage only! Check Polish rap, and samples!!!

  • Comment from premo1

    was hoping premo gave them a wack beat..and yeeesss he did!!
    A wack beat for a wack group!!!!!
    come on premo must think these dudes are total garbage!!

  • Comment from Are

    MPC ren? Sound pretty clean and clear for S950.

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