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Dwagie (Taiwan) – Classic (經典) (Remix) (Scratches by DJ Premier)

Produced by CI, Scratches by DJ Premier

Taiwan hip hop artist, from the album “Do Not Listen” (不聽), release is on 27/2.

This is the remix featuring Ryuzo (JPN), Joosuc (Korea), Lazy Habits (UK), Illa B (Canada) and Mc Yan (H.K.)

A.G. talking about the D.I.T.C. remix album

Dwagie (Taiwan) – Classic (經典) (Scratches by DJ Premier) (Clip)

Taiwan hip hop artist, from the album “Do Not Listen” (不聽), release is on 27/2. DJ Premier just did the scratches for this track, last Asiatic collaboration beatwise was Teriyaki Boyz “You Know What Time It Is?!” in 2005.

DJ Premier Collabo’s We Should Watch Out For in 2014

I’m actually surprised of how many DJ Premier productions are on the planning, here’s a quick list made by me:

Venom and DJ Premier worked again, no remix, the track is called “Poison” and it will be on his upcoming album “Overdrogues” coming this year! The track is already recorded!

Saigon has 3 tracks produced by DJ Premier and a featuring with Big Daddy Kane in his pocket! It will appear on “The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 3: The Playbook” and to take Saigon’s words: “The feature I been waiting my whole life for. This is bigger than the Jay-Z feature to me personally.” Hopefully 12″ single with video! #Hyped

Diabolic has a track produced by DJ Premier to be featured on his upcoming album “Fightin’ Words” coming next year!

Immortel Technique has a Premo track for his upcoming album “The Middle Passage”, the only problem is, we already waiting on this since November 2010, are we going to hear it in 2014, who knows?

Busta Rhymes!! In the beginning of 2011 Busta recorded 2 track with DJ Premier for his upcoming album on Cash Money. The one was an intro and the second one is called “Return Of The Boom Bap ’12”, they will both feature on “E.L.E.2 (Extinction Level Event 2)”. There was even a short clip leaked on the internet with Busta & Premo in the studio where you could hear the track in the background, but I can’t seem to find it again. Btw, I’ve already heard the track at one of Premo’s soundcheck, and it was HARD. An absolute banger coming in 2014!

Macklemore and DJ Premier have contacted each other for a collabo, but it’s unknown if the track is already recorded. But Macklemore did stay in New York for quit some time… Let’s see!

Blaq Poet and DJ Premier have contacted each other for a new track, no more details available.

Joey Bada$$ does not only has the “Unorthodox” beat in his pockets, but there is a second track between the 2 for his official debut album “B4.Da.$$” coming in 2014!

Dilated Peoples received a DJ Premier beat on Guru’s B Day for their upcoming album “Directors of Photography”, to be released in 2014. #Hyped

Jadakiss contacted DJ Premier to record again for his upcoming album “Top 5, Dead Or Alive”.

– In the summer of this year DJ Premier recorded a track with Slaughterhouse for their upcoming album. This will shake the hip hop world up in 2014!

– DJ Premier has a beat ready for Masta Ace, but they didn’t record the vocals yet. Very unsure if it will happen in 2014.

– DJ Premier x Serato Limited Double Vinyl Release

Scarface! Yeah, Scarface will have a DJ Premier beat on his upcoming album “Rooted”. Scarface told the world he’s been waiting on this beat since 1998 when they recorded “Betrayal” for Gang Starr.

Wale did a studio session with DJ Premier in April, but the Premo track wasn’t released on the album it was supposed to be featured on. No more details available. Probably the track never got finished.

– DJ Premier will be producing the lead single “Nothin’ Alike” for Ea$y Money‘s upcoming album.

Snowgoons confirmed this legendary remix coming in 2014! Featuring Termanology, Lil Fame, Sean P, Ruste Juxx, Justin Time & H. Stax. Papoose and Reks are added specially for this remix by DJ Premier.

– UK Artist Professor Green did a joint with DJ Premier for his upcoming album, Premo worked with Ed Sheeran also.

– Slice-of-spice Records (who is working heavily with Lord Finesse) is doing an D.I.T.C. Remix album this year which is featuring DJ Premier!

King Magnetic is dropping his debut album this year with a DJ Premier banger on it (already recorded!).

– We also have First Division, Soulkast and Kool Sphere who are promised a DJ Premier production.

– Will Hasstyle “I Love When” see a proper release in 2k14? Who knows (the clip was already shot).

M.O.P. was talking about releasing two projects this year, one earlier 2014 with 1 Premo production on it, the second will be a collabo album with DJ Premier releasing at the end of 2014.

– And at least we have the many on hold full projects for the long run: Jakk Frost, KRS-One, Pete Rock, Teflon, NYGz, Lady of Rage, MC Eiht, Gang Starr DVD Project & Heather B

Best DJ Premier Beat of 2013 is…

Sorry for being a month too late (damn, time is running shorter and shorter when you reach mid 20’s ;)) but here are the results of the DJ Premier Blog Awards, we only have one category and that’s for the best Premo beat :D. I’m actually very glad with the voters count, it was a strong battle between the Demigodz and Ill Bill beat. And we have a 1k+ more voters than last years vote so fuck yeah! Thank you all!! And with no further yip yap, the best DJ Premier Beat of 2013 is:

Congrats to the whole Demigodz clique, they smashed the vote by collecting 29% (aka 992votes) of the votes! Damn what a beat, perfect old Pino soundtrack sample flipped!! What sad is… is that just like last year, this jam didn’t have a vinyl release (thank god they pressed up the LP). So it’s official I guess… singles on vinyl are death. Here are the full results by the way (check how close the top is):


So what was your opinion? My vote went out to the Tony Touch beat, pure gutter! …I wonder what the sample is… And with 2012 as a year without European artists they are now back in the game (late 2013, will be included in 2014 poll). 2014 is going to be a dope year, enjoy!

Previous winners:
2012 winner: Mind Your Business by La Coka Nostra (28%)
2011 winner: You by Evidence (22%)
2010 winner: Première Salve by Soulkast (20%)
2009 winner: Rap Addiction by Blaq Poet (17%)
2008 winner: Say Goodnight by Reks (30%)

Once again, thanks to all the voters, you were with a lot! And congratulations to the Demigodz with the win! AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE !! End of the DJ Premier Blog Awards.

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