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Live From HeadQCourterz (03/21/2014) (B-Day Edition)

V/A – Najsilniejsi przetrwają (Prod. by DJ Premier & Luxon) (Music Video) (Poland)

Lyrics: Pyskaty, Numer Raz, Proceente, Pelson, Rahim, Łysol, Mielzky, Dwa Sławy, Zeus, Chada, Klasik, Quebonafide, JodSen, Joteste, Bezczel, Siwers, Ten Typ Mes
Music: DJ Premier & Luxon
Cuts: The Returners, DJ Flip
Mix & Mastering: Marek Dulewicz
Video: BDV
Set design: Dorota Boruń / The Swing Gang
Backup: Patryk Sawicki, Krzysztof Urbaniak, Piotr Szewc, Wiktor Wolny.

Is this like whole Poland rapping on a DJ Premier beat? Wicked! …Only the first beat is the premo beat I think and if I understood it correct, this track should be dedicated to the 15 years celebration of the Poland clothes company “Mass Dnm” that also used Preem in the past for modeling. Enjoy!

Lady of Rage – Chemical Burn (Prod. by DJ Premier) (Radio Rip)

BOOOM!! She’s back!!!! It’s been 6 years since we heard this female legend on a DJ Premier beat, too long imo. But 2014 makes that change. From the upcoming Serato x DJ Premier collabo release with 4 exclusive DJ Premier instrumentals and productions releasing next month! Here’s the tracklist:

1. NYGz – My Influences
2. Lady Of Rage – Chemical Burn
3. Spaced Dem Mo (Instrumental)
4. Scarz Face (Instrumental)

With no further do, the radio rip of the new Lady of Rage:

Lady of Rage – Chemical Burn (Prod. by DJ Premier) (Radio Rip)

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NYGz – My Influences (Prod. by DJ Premier) (Radio Rip)

Finally, some new Premo production!! I was already having sleepless nights and sweat break outs because it took so long but now we have a new production for the NYGz aired via LiveFromHQ last night. This track isn’t from NYGz long awaited upcoming album “Hustla’z Union-Local NYG” but of the new Serato x DJ Premier collabo release with 4 exclusive DJ Premier instrumentals and productions releasing next month! Here’s the tracklist:

1. NYGz – My Influences
2. Lady Of Rage – Chemical Burn
3. Spaced Dem Mo (Instrumental)
4. Scarz Face (Instrumental)

Let yo ears do the rest:

NYGz – My Influences (Prod. by DJ Premier) (Radio Rip)

Ow yeah, and later today i’m going to upload the radio rip of Lady of Rage track, be on the look out! She’s back people!!

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DJ Premier On The History Of D&D Studios

Props to

MC Eiht Discusses Status Of Album With DJ Premier

MC Eiht says that his album with DJ Premier will be dropping soon.

“It’s gonna come out before the Summer ends,” MC Eiht says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX at the G­-Funk Fest in Santa Ana, CA. “Me and DJ Premier are finally finishing it up. We finally got all the paperwork ready and all the music together. We just did a cut with Bumpy Knuckles last night. It’s gonna be a fun project, and a lotta people thinking it’s gonna be like a total East Coast sound cause of Premier, but it’s a real diverse album as far as what’s expected from Eiht and DJ Premier. It’s gonna be a classic in that form with just some real underground Hip Hop. Premier is in Switzerland right now, but he’s got Pro Tools with him. Like I said, we did a cut with Bumpy Knuckles last night and he’s mixing it, so we gonna get [The Lady of] Rage on the record and then we got Xzibit and Maylay and we should be good.”


Xzibit & Premo? What a hot mess!

DJ Premier & Pete Rock Australian Tour 2014 Announced

Thu 1 May – Perth | Capitol, WA (18+)
Fri 2 May – Melbourne | 170 Russell, VIC (18+)
Sat 3 May – Sydney | The Hi-Fi, NSW (18+)
Thu 8 May – Adelaide | HQ, SA (18+)
Fri 9 May – Brisbane | The Arena, QLD (18+)


Big K.R.I.T. Wants To Work With DJ Premier

In an interview with Vibe Big K.R.I.T. talks about his desire to work with DJ Premier:

Are there any artists you’d like to work with and haven’t had the opportunity to yet?
DJ Premier. He’s one of those producers I look forward to finding time and working with. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Organized Noize but I still want to get in some more with them and work. Timbaland is someone I definitely want to collab with and work with as well. Kanye, obviously. The Roots. I’d like to get in with Questlove.


The Making of Gang Starr’s “Hard to Earn” with DJ Premier

(Click on the photo for the article by NahRight)

DJ Premier Soundtrack For NBA Countdown Highlights

Hip-hop and basketball are strongly associated with each other. That’s why legendary hip-hop producer DJ Premier’s work on ABC’s and ESPN’s NBA Countdown has been a slam dunk.

“Premo,” as DJ Premier is affectionately called by his music colleagues and herds of fans, struck a deal to contribute several original tracks to Countdown. The tracks are used during highlights, bumps and more.
ESPN NBA Countdown director Tyrone Frison: “DJ Premier is a legendary producer with a vast catalog of classic tracks. We approached him about producing tracks exclusively for NBA Countdown to inject a cool factor and create some energy. He produced several tracks for us that we use for montages, highlights and analysts’ breakdown tapes.”

NBA Countdown analyst Jalen Rose: “Premo has been a unique creator, innovator and pioneer for the hip-hop sound for decades. Whether as an artist or producer, he will go down as one of the all-time greats.”

Front Row caught up with the legendary hip-hop figure, who has worked with many of elite MCs, from his own group Gang Starr, to Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z and Nas. Premier discussed how Countdown analyst Jalen Rose facilitated his ESPN connection, his favorite 30 for 30 and more.

How did you connect with ESPN for this project?
Shout out to [ESPN Music’scoordinating director] Claude Mitchell and [ESPN Music director] Kevin Wilson. I have to give it up to Jalen because he had reached out to me a few years ago about doing the music for the [ESPN Films documentary] on the The Fab Five. And being that all of us were big fans of that Fab Five era, we wanted to do it. We were big fans of 30 for 30 as well, like the Maurice Clarett [Youngstown Boys] one. Jalen and I already had a relationship on that level and he was a big fan of mine and Gang Starr’s and we had an understanding musically. I remember when I got a text from Jalen saying ‘congratulations and welcome’ when he heard my music on [NBA Countdown]. Everybody was calling me when they heard it, saying, ‘It’s on, it’s on!’”

What was your trip to ESPN’s Bristol, Conn. campus like?
I got to go up to the ESPN offices, we drove up to Bristol. I got to go up to the compound and eat with the staff and everything. They took me to that food court (ESPN Café) and I was like, ‘Man, should I get Chinese food, should I get pizza? Do I get a salad? Do I get a little bit of both?’ We talked about sports the whole time. It was a really, really positive vibe. It was cool that everybody was having a good time and feeling good about my involvement in submitting the tracks.

How much ESPN do you watch?
I wake up to ESPN. That’s my morning thing. I always wake up to ESPN. I work so much in the studio so I don’t get to keep up with everything and it’s a nice, quick rundown. I was even with Jay-Z when he was on his “Watch The Throne” tour and he had a screen that was so big in his dressing room, almost a movie theatre-size, and he was watching ESPN. He was saying that he’s on the go and he is always ready to perform and that he needs to keep up with what’s going on in sports through ESPN.