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Scarface Says DJ Premier Still Owes Him A Beat

During an interview Scarface also recalled linking up with Guru and DJ Premier on the song “Betrayal” from Gang Starr’s 1998 album Moment of Truth. According to the Houston emcee, he contributed his verse in exchange for a Premo beat, but the H-Town producer has yet to lace him with production.

They sent me a verse, and a beat for me to write my part on,” he said. “I did it on strength but by the end of the day, Premier still owed me a beat. He still owes me a beat 20 years later. And every time I talked to him he’ll be like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, but I didn’t forget about you.’ Bullshit, you forgot about me. That’s my boy though, that’s my partner. H-Town native.

In addition to his collaborative effort with Beanie Sigel, Scarface is also working on his 12th solo album Rooted. Who knows!


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7 Responses to “Scarface Says DJ Premier Still Owes Him A Beat”

  • Comment from Jody Ejaz

    “Betrayal”… oh the irony!

  • Comment from dj reker

    everything i read about this asshole is starting to make me hate him. I HATE his release date bullshit and lies, i HATE how he never releases any beats, i think preem himself is “LAZY”. you owe Scarface a beat and cant cook one up for him ??? What a fucking asshole

  • Comment from Seen Da Dream

    whooaaa.. Dj Reker. u outta pocket. Preemo far from lazy. its the opposite. he hella busy. radio show.. tourin with bumpy. all dat… that being said… a scarface mixtape with all preemo production right now would be on point

  • Comment from Syze one

    You squawk like he owes YOU a beat, don’t think he’s losing any sleep over your disapproval…

  • Comment from 3rd Eye

    Preemo did make a beat for Scarface……he even named his album after that song “Emeritus”. That must have slipped FaceMob’s memory

  • Comment from 3rd Eye

    oh yeah…..Scram Jones did the Emeritus beat.
    I guess Preemo does need to pay up

  • Comment from ture

    @syze one

    Please stfu. There was no disrespecting Premier in Face’s words, so you coming out disrespecting a legend, pioneer and bottomline one of the GOATs really shows what type of person you are.

    Oh, and this need to happen. I don’t see how Scarface & Preemo together can go wrong.

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