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Exclusive: Khaleel – Nobody Tryna Hear Ya (Prod. by DJ Premier) CDQ

New boom bap track from Khaleel’s upcoming EP “EP2013” coming next month… Check check:

Khaleel – Nobody Tryna Hear Ya (Prod. by DJ Premier)

Some of y’all will remember the beat from the Halftime Show 10 Year Anniversary Freestyles in 2008.

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18 Responses to “Exclusive: Khaleel – Nobody Tryna Hear Ya (Prod. by DJ Premier) CDQ”

  • Comment from royneil mccullen

    I love the scratches in this track also seem like this is the sound preem going with with khaleel I hear similarities between this track and other produced preem tracks that was done for this artist

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    I really like this beat. Khaleel might be worth the wait!

  • Comment from J

    Now we are in business, the Joey B and BDK tracks were really average and sounded like throwaway beats, this is dope and the Premo we want.

  • Comment from yoyo


  • Comment from glenn

    I can feel Premier “giving back” to TX and all, but this cat can’t rhyme. All I can do while listening to this is imagine other MCs on it….like KRS or Redman or even Jada. This Khaleel cat…..not getting it done outside of Houston.

  • Comment from Threat

    The cuts are amazing. Love it.

  • Comment from FubiZz

    that’s the beat Premier used for the 10th anniversairy of the halftime Show for supastition and reef the lost cauze freestyling over it.

    It’s a dope beat and good to have it in a proper quality. Unfortunately no brand new material plus i enjoy the above mentioned rather than khaleel on it

  • Khaleel and the Preemster showed good chemistry on this track. Hope the entire body of work is on this level.


  • Comment from mick

    this guy sucks balls

  • Comment from Guttahmastah

    “Ya know I come around and rock it” these scratches sound so classic. Can’t wait for the EP. Khaleel and Preem seem to have a good chemistry…he’s pretty good live too.

  • Comment from LozZz

    the beat just sounds lazy, but I don’t mind the cuts

  • Comment from B Eazy

    Khaleel and Preem show a potential for a great future of music. I think everyone is hatin on that dirty texas style combined with that original east coast sound of Preem. Can’t wait to hear more from these guys. Hope the album comes soon cause buyin 2 copies!

  • Comment from Soul Geez

    I like this..

  • Comment from Coop

    Can’t wait for the album! Say man, let me get on somthin’ man….

  • Comment from Truth Powell

    If this guy wasn’t produced by Preme no one would be checking for it. And after his second project comes out with only 1 or 2 Primo beats(if he even gets a debut fully laced by Preme) he’ll just be another waste of space rapper.

    There’s an epidemic in hiphop of the best emcees working with ok producers and the best producers working with ok emcees.

  • Comment from Praverb

    Yes sir…this is pretty dope..

    The Preme beat sounds lethal…

    Truth dropping knowledge though…

    “There’s an epidemic in hiphop of the best emcees working with ok producers and the best producers working with ok emcees.”

  • Comment from dredknight

    dope!!! I like the unique sound that preemo makes for khaleel. Similar to “Hot Flames”, this is the right attitude!! cant wait for the EP!!!

  • Comment from rofl

    it seems premier just do half ass beats today and give it to any half ass rapper and you get half ass shit song
    primo stop making beats you lost your touch son this is embarasing rofl

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