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DJ Premier in Ghent 30/04/2009

If y’all wondering where Ghent is, it’s in my country Belgium YAY!! It’s even the city where I study lol, made my day. But it’s not official yet, more info:

Here are the other dates of his tour through Europe with Blaq Poet:

March, 20 2009 11:45 PM – London
March, 21 2009 11:45 PM – Zurich
March, 22 2009 11:45 PM – Bucharest
March, 23 2009 11:45 PM – Sofia
March, 26 2009 11:45 PM – Rome
March, 27 2009 11:45 PM – Dusseldorf
March, 28 2009 11:45 PM – Amsterdam

April, 10 2009 11:45 PM – Baltimore

LiveFromHQ 14/03/2009

Just want to tell you guys you didn’t miss any new DJ Premier productions. Next two weeks will DJ Eclipse fill in for Preem because he will go on tour again with Biggest Gord and Blaq Poet to promote his upcoming album “Tha Blaqprint“. London, Amsterdam, Bucharest, …

Rare Play Vol. 2


  1. DJ Premier – Rare Play Vol. 2 Intro
  2. Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Pop Shots
  3. Smiley The Ghetto Child – Wake Up Call
  4. Marxmen – Bloody Murdah
  5. Pitch Black feat. Styles P – Nice
  6. Smooth B – Game Over
  7. Gang Starr – Battle
  8. Just-Ice feat. Big Daddy Kane – The Immortal
  9. Rah Digga – Lesson Of Today
  10. Kool G. Rap – First Nigga (Remix)
  11. Big Shug – Crush
  12. Bumpy Knuckles – P.A.I.N.E.
  13. Paula Perry – Extra, Extra
  14. Xzibit – What A Mess
  15. MC Lyte – Wonder Years
  16. Gang Starr – Tha Squeeze
  17. Royce – My Friend
  18. EDO.G – Sayin’ Something

Coming on the 7th of april (2009) on Bare Fist Recordings. All tracks produced by DJ Premier, track 8 is probably known as “Just Rhymin’ With Kane“. Wow, he actually didn’t forget his volumes! I excited to hear the intro beat like always and now lets hope on “Beats That Collected Dust Vol. 2“. I also heard “Tha Blaqprint” will be dropping in april too, but we’ll see…

Gang Starr – Doe in Advance (Original Version)

For those who love the good ol’ preem days this can be interesting, I’m not quit sure how to say it. But for me it’s totally new… It sounds like more the demo version of the Gang Starr track “Doe In Advance“. Officially it was released on “Hard To Earn” as a bonus track on the Japanese version. Later you could buy it on bootleg vinyl singles and so on, that was always the version I heard untill now, because now I bought this Japanese import. And guess what, this beat is different then those on the bootlegs because the bootlegs contains a version with an uncleared sample, the song was original ment to be as a B Side for “Suckas Need Bodyguards” in 1994. But due to sample issues it was changed to “The ? Remainz“. I call this version the original version:

Gang Starr – Doe in Advance (Original Version)

Tell me what you think? GANG STARR!!

DJ Premier on Conspiracy Radio

A new 30 minute long interview of DJ Premier who talks about a lot of things, like his collaboration albums with KRS-One and MC Eight, his solo album, his label, 50 Cent joint, Eminem joint, about internet, about Guru, Telfon, female rap, himself doing rhymes, and so on… The only problem is: it’s taken with a cell phone. So spread your ears for this one:

And a little extra, another interview taken during his visit to Poland:

DJ Premier is Model

When DJ Premier was in Poland he did a photoshoot for a clothing brand called “Massdnm“, in world war II style! Thanks to miki for the hook up, here is the result:


Tha Blaqprint Small Update

Here you have DJ Premier talking about “Tha Blaqprint” album for Blaq Poet last night on “The Halftime Show” with DJ Eclips:

DJ Premier Set on the The Halftime Show

WNYU‘s long-running rap broadcast “The Halftime Show” celebrates its eleventh anniversary tonight: unlike the emcee extravaganza last year host with the most DJ Eclipse will be joined by DJs only, specifically DJ Premier, Evil Dee & Mr Walt, A-Trak, Tony Touch and JS-1. Here you have Preems part, enjoy:

Capone-N-Noreaga – Grand Royal

Today the full (unmastered) version of Capone-N-NoreagaGrand Royal” track leaked from their album “Channel 10“. Like we all know produced by DJ Premier, for more info: I posted the snippet last week. This track is recorded last year and then Preem said it was a rejected Rakim beat!

Capone-N-Noreaga – Grand Royal (Prod. by DJ Premier)

DJ Premier in Sofia 23/03/2009

23th of March, Sofia, Bulgaria.