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DJ Premier on Cormega upcoming album

Last night Cormega presented in more then 7 years time his new album”Born And Raised” at the SOBs. Cormega presented two tracks produced by DJ Premier, one we already know as the “Dirty Game“. The other is a track we never heard before, so watch out for that one! Also Large Professor, Havoc, Lil’ Fame and Pete Rock are on the boards. People who visited the party were able to tell me that the new Premo track is doper then the “Dirty Game” track, which was also nice with the lovely Barry White sample. The new Pete Rock track was also outstanding I’ve heard. Album date isn’t annouced yet, but it will be released on Legal Hustle Records.

Preem also spoke the intro for the new Torae & Marco Polo collabo album “Double Barrel” (out in june).