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Which Gang Starr Foundation member should return; VOTE!!

I would like to introduce a new poll to y’all, I want to see what artist should need to return to the Gang Starr Foundation. Their are two people who are missing in the list because they don’t need to come back, they’re still in the posse. Even today when the click isn’t really active. Those are Bumpy Knuckles (I won’t call him Freddie Foxxx anymore because this is his ‘new’ name) and Big Shug who both still make recordings with DJ Premier untill this day. Watch out for the new Big Shug album that will come certain this year, we know how royal Big Shug is! Also NYGz is excluded. For most it won’t be necessary, but a little background info won’t hurt:

Haha Bahamadia, her monotone flow got me hooked on her. She is the only female artist in the list, but that doesn’t mean a thing. Born in Philadelphia, but made her debut in New York in 1996 with help from Gang Starr and The Roots for her classic hip hop album “Kollage”. Only in 2000 she made her second album, but this time without the help from Gang Starr. But she actually never disappeared from the scene, always into guest appearance even untill this day. She loves to work with other artists from the whole world, especially Japanese artists. But I have to say how it is, the only album I play of her is “Kollage”, that lovely monotone voice on those hardcore street boom bap will always keep my head banging… I never knew why she left Gang Starr Foundation, but something tells me they went seperate ways in friendship.

Jeru the Damaja
This one was probably the most successful ex-player of the Gang Starr Foundation, started rhyming on the streets of Brooklyn and was together with Group Home the artist who got Premier interested in. Made two albums with Preem with lyrics and flow nobody can forget. Got into beef with The Fugees and The Notorious B.I.G. and even the Gang Starr Foundation. Never knew why they really split, but it wasn’t with peace. I’ve heard it was for money issues and even for Premo fucking his sister, but I know he went very mad when Premier gave “Ten Crack Commandments” to Biggie instead to Jeru. Now he is touring with The Beatnuts and Lordz of the Underground in Europe (Yes, I was there).

Group Home
Is the only formation in the list, consists of Lil’ Dap and Melachi the Nutcracker. Made only one album with DJ Premier in 1995. But surprise surprise, also this one is a classic (even when their rhyme abilities were questionable). They made a second album in 1999 with only one Premo production (the only reason he produced the joint was because Guru would rap on it). The reason they split is because they didn’t show respect or something. While Lil’ Dap made a lot of guests appearance, signed to Polish label and made last year his debut solo album, went Melachi the Nutcracker to jail. Now more then ten years later they’re preparing to make a come back…

Who we got here? Dayum, AFU-RA! He doesn’t need to come back to the foundation, he needs to come back to hip hop in general. But good news, he is coming back and yes, with Premo on the boards he said. And he is a loyal person, always had a Preem on his album. Don’t really know what to say further, always had mad respect for him…

Krumb Snatcha
A Boston MC who made legendary appearance on Gang Starr tracks such as “Put Up Or Shut Up” and “Make ‘Em Pay”. Has only made two solo tracks who are produced by DJ Premier, but always made strong appearances in general. Even I never heard it direct, I have the feeling he left the Foundation. His new album “Hidden Scriptures” won’t include a Premier track, but he didn’t forget Large Pro and Pete Rock. Release date is 28/04.