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Most Anticipated Album; RESULTS!!

The poll of 100 days is ended, with a total of 1222 unique votes. Here you can re-read the question with the info of that album and artist. I admit it wasn’t the best poll, but whatever. The album that the people most want is Blaq PoetThe Best That Never Did It“. Here you have the complete results:

  1. Blaq Poet – The Best That Never Did It (442, 36%)
  2. NYGz – Pros N Cons (340, 27%)
  3. Nick Javas – Destination Unkown (223, 18%)
  4. Teflon – Contraband (148, 12%)
  5. F.A.B.I.D. – Smash City (26, 2%)
  6. Boy Big – [Untitled] (13, 1%)
  7. Rave Roulette – [Untitled] (9, 0.7%)

I want to thank everybody for their vote! The NYGz album is in the making, has already a couple of recordings. When we can expect Poets fully Premo produced album is not known, but I do know that Preems solo album is earlier on the program of Year Round Records.

LiveFromHQ Playlist 10/04/2009


  1. Nick Javas – Live From HQ Promo
  2. Nottz – Turn It Up (Feat. Pete Rock)
  3. Big Remo – Handle My Biz
  4. JR & PH7 – Top Rank (Feat. Guilty Simpson & Black Milk)
  5. Jadakiss – Kiss My Ass
  6. JFK – Baking Soda 2009 (Feat. Termanology)
  7. Asher Roth – Lark On My Go Kart
  8. Nut-Rageous – Cruisin’ In NYC
  9. Crooked I – If You Ever Hear Me
  10. Jadakiss – Cartel Gathering (Feat. Ghostface Killah & Raekwon)
  11. M.O.P. – Blow The Horns (Feat. Busta Rhymes) (Remix)
  12. Rob Quest – My Way
  13. D-Sisive – High School Cool (Feat. Conscience & Kyprios)
  14. NYGz – Fever (Feat. Raw, Rush Rhythms, Nick Javas & Blaq Poet) (Prod. by Rush Rhythms)
  15. Izza Kizza – Bump!
  16. Blaq Poet – S.O.S.
  17. Slim Thug – Hard (Feat. Scarface & J Dawg)
  18. Capone-N-Noreaga – Mirror
  19. Ali Vegas – Dislike (Feat. Young TRL)
  20. Asher Roth – Perfectionist (Feat. Beanie Siegel & R. City)
  21. Big Shug – Epidemic (Baseball)
  22. Redman & Method Man – City Lights 2 (Feat. Bun B)
  23. B-Real – Don’t Ya Dare Laugh (Feat. Xzibit & Young Dre)
  24. Jadakiss – One More Step (Feat. Styles P)

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MC Eiht Talks Prospects Of Album With DJ Premier

Who’s down? And sorry, I couldn’t listen to LiveFromHQ this night. Maybe someone can inform me of any news? Thanks in advance!

West Coast pioneer MC Eiht is deeply respected for classics like “Hood Took Me Under” and “Def Wish.” The Compton emcee, actor and businessman was mentioned in a recent interview with Hip Hop production icon DJ Premier as a potential partner for an upcoming album. Earlier this week, Eiht took some time to confirm the likelihood of such a cross-coastal collaboration with HipHopDX. “I really think it’s up to the fans to just demand and want the record. True fans of Eiht or Premier, who’ve been following us over our careers, they know what we’re about, and I think it’s just for the fans, that people get to talking about it and wanting to hear it. Like, somebody called me and said they heard it on G-Unit Radio last weekend, so it’s like word of mouth is traveling. Me and Premier just talked about it like a week ago, so I think it’s something [that] if the fans want it and they keep requesting it, and they keep wanting to see it, and they’re positive about it, it can happen because it’s always supply and demand. As rumored collaborative albums in the past with Nas and Royce Da 5’9” have been halted or delayed, Eiht knows Premier’s repuation. “He’s busy. I mean, Premier does tracks for 50 Cent, and Fat Joe, and whoever else. He’s a big-time producer, so I’m just honored to be in good graces with him, to know him for so long that he wants to extend his hand to work with me, so when people come back and tell me, ‘Aw man, that’s hot, man, we want to see that happen,’ it’s just my ambition to push it, and basically, if the fans say they want it and they keep communicating that they want it, it’s going to happen. It’s my hundred percent ambition to put this project out, and just like we talked again a couple days ago, it’s on the fast track right now. We’re a hundred miles and running and we’re probably going to get it done.”However, liner-note readers and ’90s Hip Hop fans know that this union has manifested decades ago. “I’ve been knowing Premier since I got started rapping. We did our first concerts together back in the Celebrity Theater in Anaheim,” revealed MC Eiht, who has been releasing material on record since 1986. “Gang Starr came to the west coast and their first show, so I’ve been knowing Premier since him and Guru was together, since they first started.”Thus far the two have one record together, a 1992 remix. “Every time I go to New York, I kick it with him, we chat, you know, whatever. We used him to do the “Def Wish II ” remix on the Music to Driveby record. It’s just a mutual friendship I’ve been having with Premier.”As DJ Premier has since worked with west coast artists like Dilated Peoples, Snoop Dogg and Ras Kass, Too Short and MC Eiht were among the first. Eiht recalled to DX how his 1992 “Def Wish II” remix came to be. “At the time, Epic Records was based in New York. That was their main office, so me going to New York every year doing promo tours and just keeping in contact with Premier. The A&Rs who ran the Rap Department knew that basically, me and Premier had a straight friendship, so they stepped to Premier and asked him to remix the record. I didn’t even have to ask him; they stepped to him and asked him to remix the record because our relationship was based more on friendship than me trying to exploit, you know, ‘Aw man, do a favor for me, do a favor.'” He continued, “We was basically just homies, kicking it, smoking blunts, riding around in his Mazda MPV van. That was our thing.”For Compton’s Most Wanted, the song only added to their regional acceptance in New York at a time when coastal fences were much taller than today. “As far as New York is concerned, I was one of the very few artists who got respect from a lot of New York cats, so it really just boosted up my credibility with a lot of cats in New York for a nigga like me, you know, ‘This is MC Eiht-gangsta rapper, west coast, strictly gangbanging, drive-bys and shit like that.’ So for me to get with Premier and for him to remix the record, it opened people’s eyes and their ears to the versatility of what Eiht and Compton’s Most Wanted could do as far, as production was concerned. Everybody always thought we had off-the-wall production, but as far as getting one of the hottest producers too, only built upon that.” Eiht credited some of his peers in that early national movement. “Ice Cube went to the Bomb Squad, King Tee had Marley Marl remixes, but it was basically like unheard of, so for Premier to do that for us and to do the ‘Def Wish’ remix was like, man. It was hot.”Right now though, Eiht remains ever-active in his pursuit of delivering high quality and quantities of music. “Right now, I’m working on finishing up the second mixtape, All-Stars and Straps Vol. 2,” said Eiht. “The Warzone project was put on hold for a minute, but we finished it up finally, so we’re waiting for that to see where it’s going to happen,” he added of the Snoop Dogg-endorsed group of Eiht, Kam and Goldie Loc. “The Warzone record is a good album and it’s representing the west coast to the fullest and it’s not just sticking on to what people try to stereotype about west coast music, you know, gangbangs, bandanas and all that bullshit. It’s dealing with a lot of issues, as far as females, and what happens to hustling, and what happens to guys when they’re caught up in the system. It’s a versatile album, so I think when people really sink their teeth into it, they’ll be able to get into it real tough.”Before leaving, Eiht also spoke on CMW’s status as a group, having worked in three, soon-to-be-four decades. “The status of the group is that we still communicate. I’m still in communication with everybody. We’ve worked on songs. It’s like we’ll do two or three songs, and then, I’ll get to doing my stuff, and the other guys will get to doing their stuff, but then, we’ll still have the ambition to come together and put together a project.” He continued, “We’re just waiting for the right time to put the project together, ‘cause like you said, I want it to be in anticipation of something people are going to expect and they’re going to appreciate and they’re not just going to get hauled up in the masses of this singer-talk rapping, [with] no promotion or whatever. Something that people are going to accept and they’re not going to look and go, ‘Aw, these some old cats. They don’t know what they’re talking about,’ because it seems like a lot of cats don’t want to pave the way for the pioneers. But then a lot of these cats nowadays ain’t really talking about nothing. They ain’t informing the youth about nothing. They’ll teach them a dance step or how to wear a chain. That’s where it goes, so Compton’s Most Wanted and Warzone and myself, we try to make songs that are still going to be resourceful to artists and to fans that are going to buy the project. I try to make music to where I’m informing people where it’s going to go, why it’s happening, what it’s going on.”

Source: HipHopDX

DJ Premier – Rare Play Vol. 2 (Intro)

Here you got the intro for Rare Play Vol. 2!

DJ Premier – Rare Play Vol. 2 (Intro)

Buy it here!

DJ Premier on Cormega upcoming album

Last night Cormega presented in more then 7 years time his new album”Born And Raised” at the SOBs. Cormega presented two tracks produced by DJ Premier, one we already know as the “Dirty Game“. The other is a track we never heard before, so watch out for that one! Also Large Professor, Havoc, Lil’ Fame and Pete Rock are on the boards. People who visited the party were able to tell me that the new Premo track is doper then the “Dirty Game” track, which was also nice with the lovely Barry White sample. The new Pete Rock track was also outstanding I’ve heard. Album date isn’t annouced yet, but it will be released on Legal Hustle Records.

Preem also spoke the intro for the new Torae & Marco Polo collabo album “Double Barrel” (out in june).

Gang Starr – Moment Of Truth Sampler Tape

Here’s the sampler promo tape of “Moment of Truth“. You won’t see any unreleased cuts that didn’t make the album on there but the great thing about it is that you hear DJ Premier & Guru talking and presenting in-between each tracks.


  1. Intro
  2. You Know My Steez
  3. Royalty
  4. Work
  5. What I’m Here
  6. B.I. Vs. Friendship
  7. Next Time
  8. New York Strait Talk
  9. Outro

Gang Starr – Moment Of Truth Sampler Tape

Props to dirt_dog and T.R.O.Y. Blog!

DJ Premier on M.O.P. upcoming album

M.O.P. is back, after a long absence the legendary hip hop crew will be back with a new album called “For The Foundation“. To make it even better, DJ Premier is incidentally co-executive producer. He will mix the album who contains productions from DR Period, Fizzy Womack, Nottz, Buckwild, Red spider and yes, DJ Premier himself. Classic in the making? Album is set to release june 30th on Koch Records.

Source: Defsounds

DJ Premier on DMC upcoming album

Run-DMC member DMC is set to release a new album called “The Origins of Block Music” wich will be featured DJ Premier, Bumpy Knuckles and Public Enemy‘s Chuck D. The first single is called “She Gets Me High” and is produced by newcomer Sonix. The song is set to release on his birthday, may 31. The album should come in june. The main article is about how he understands why Lil Wayne is moved to rock and how he wants to open for Lil Wayne’s concerts.

Source: Austin Brown Blog

DJ Premier Considers Albums With KRS-One & MC Eiht

DJ Premier, one of Hip Hop’s most coveted producers is having quite a busy year. Aside from starting his own label DJ Premier is also working on projects with rappers Blaq Poet, MC Eiht, and possibly KRS-One.

In a recent interview with Conspiracy Radio, DJ Premier spoke on his upcoming collaborations as well as the current status of Hip Hop.

The level of the bar was so high that it was really hard to get into Hip Hop unless you really had top-notch skills, beats, rhyming, everything,” DJ Premier explained. “We wanna put that part [to the] forefront. So we’ll do it eventually. It’ll get its spot back, but in the meantime it never died or anything it’s just not as out there as the mainstream watered down rap stuff and that’s cool because it helps us reformat our audience that wants to support this style and the ones that don’t want to support it we’re not making it for them anyway.”

Among the four artists on DJ Premier’s new label, Year Round Records, is Blaq Poet former member of pioneering Queens Hip Hop group Screwball.

We’re about to drop this album from Blaq Poet. Straight out of Queensbridge. We just shot the video. The album’s called Tha Blaqprint. That is the official album. I produced the entire album.” A tracklist posted on fansite has reported that Easy Mo Bee and one other producer actually make contributions to Poet‘s solo debut, distributed through Fat Beats.

Aside from the artists already on his label, DJ Premier’s Year Round Records may also feature albums by KRS-One and MC Eiht.

I’m thinking about doing a project with MC Eiht [of] Compton’s Most Wanted,DJ Premier explained to Conspiracy Radio. “We talked about doing an album on my label, and also me and KRS-One talked about doing not Return Of The Boom Bap; we’re gonna do Return Of The Boom Bips. So right now that’s still a go. An all KRS, Premier album would be great.” Besides a “Criminal Minded” update in recent years, the two are best known for their work together between 1993 and 1995, on the self-titled and Return Of The Boom Bap albums. Compton’s Most Wanted used Premier to remix their 1992 song “Def Wish II,” a song originally have appeared on Music To Driveby.

Source: HipHopDX

1st April Fools!!

I’m allowed sons, I’m allowed God! It’s the first of April so I can post this haha:

Props to Sauli for this art and Guru: this blog got nothing to do with DJ Premier personal. Tomorrow I’ll get back to the program folks.