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LiveFromHQ 02/05/2009

Last night DJ Eclipse was holding a party at LiveFromHQ because we all know DJ Premier is staying at Christina Aguilera‘s home with his crew to work on her upcoming album. But you know Preem, he always gives a call to check in! Christina asked him to do two track for the album but they recorded already up to four tracks haha, she said he has to do whatever he feels like doing. Four tracks?! 2009!! And I’ve seen I already got linked to Aguilera’s fan pages, so I got some news for them too. The new album is suppose to release in september. Paparazzi and million Christina fans: get ready. She was suppose to get on the phone but she was going to eat or something. I think Panchi is becoming the new co-host on LiveFromHQ, and damn, this guy is too funny. For real, he is ALWAYS funny. Check “The Panchi Chronicles” for prove, you should pay only to hear his jokes haha. Preem was telling about the major fans at Aguilera’s crib taking pictures and shit and Panchi was already joking how Preem get out the mansion in his shorts with all the tabloids shit over there. Whatever, got some more news.. DJ Premier going west-coast? There is going to be a remix of “Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed” with MC Eight and Young Maylay (he is the main character “CJ” in GTA:SA game, Premo is a big fan of him). The video is shot last week also in LA. We’ll hear it in about two weeks. I can only dream about it lol. That’s all folks, stay tuned!