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A Random Update

1) I had a mail from a guy who took the next thing in question: did Guru rejected “Nas Is Like” beat? (Because I said it on this post). Including me was confused because DJ Premier said recently at the Rosenberg interview he made the beat at the same day it was recorded with Nas so Guru couldn’t hear it and judge it earlier. He even says at that interview Guru was pissed because he gave it to Nas. So I put this in an update. I got this old interview with Gang Starr where they were talking about the beats. Guru says he disliked the beat, but he never said he rejected the beat. Not from what I’m hearing now, so I would like to say sorry for the wrong info. And I would like to thank cimm for pointing that out! The info needs to be right…

Gang Starr Interview on King Tech “Wake Up Show” 12/04/2003

2) How many Christina Aguilera site’s does there exists? Damn! And I can believe some of you don’t thrust a random (fan)blog of DJ Premier, so I taped the phone conversation with Premo here!

“She is like my little sister” -DJ Premier

3) Another fan asked me about the “NYGemix“, Preem told us a long time ago the video was shot with Lady of Rage in LA, NYGz and Bumpy in NY and Royce da 5’9″ in Detroid. I asked Gordon and he told me it all the information is correct and it will be used for a Year Round Records compilation album. Date unknown.