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Premo without the Rapper Mix

I don’t really know how to name it, but I made for a lazy sunday a 50minutes(!) mix of all the stuff that DJ Premier used for his intro’s, skits, interludes, … on all sort of albums and tapes. From the days of cassettes to the compact discs. And sadly, some of his intro beats are too hot for an intro YESSIR! Like that intro of “Time 4 Change“, I NEED THAT INSTRUMENTAL!! Or that intro of “Holiday Hell“, pffffff, crazy!! I’m wondering if Premier is reading this, if so. Maybe he got the message? Lol. DJ Premier is the best, once again gimantalon comes with the prove. The only beats that are excluded are the LiveFromHQ skits and intro, now it’s time to reminisce, Preem all dayyyyy:

Gimantalon – Premo without the Rapper Mix

(Sorry, don’t have a tracklist (50+ tracks))

And lets go to the next mixtape, maybe BTCD Vol. II?