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DJ Premier Gave Jay-Z “Some Heat” for Blueprint 3

Much has been talked about which producers should’ve produced on Jay-Z‘s latest album, The Blueprint 3 sequel. Although DJ Premier is absent in the liner notes, he did submit three beats that were left on the cutting room floor.

In the process of recording the album, according to Premier, Hov asked the legendary hip-hop producer to send a few tracks.

“I ran into him at [DJ] Cassidy’s birthday party,” Premier tells VIBE. “I hadn’t seen him in a while and he told me to send him three tracks. But I have a habit of not getting my tracks to [artists] at the time that they need them, so by the time I got them to Jay he was really in a rush to wrap up his album.”

With deadline approaching, the songs submitted simply didn’t fit Jay’s vision.

“It was all cool. There will be other days, and on top of that our history is made from other things we did,” Premier says, referencing others cuts he produced earlier in Jay’s career, including “D’Evils” and “Friend or Foe.”

“I gave him some heat,” he adds of the Blueprint 3 submissions. “But again it just didn’t fit the mold of what he was trying to bring out with this particular project. Maybe we’ll get gutter on the next one.”

Preemo is also looking to squeeze in work for Eminem‘s upcoming Relapse 2, for which Just Blaze is already a confirmed collaborator. Since he’s kicking off a DJ tour in Europe this week, however, time is once again working against him.

“[Eminem and I] spoke about doing some beats. My schedule is just dumb crazy but there’s no way I want to miss an Eminem album,” Premier says. “But still the first thing is to handle what’s the most necessary, which is to get my artists up and running [NYGz, Blaq Poet] and close to releasing their music and then if there’s a window to work with him I’ll definitely do it.”

The producer explains that it’s just about getting face time with Marshall. “I literally cook it up right there on the spot and then that way it really sounds like we match,” he says. “I tailor the track to the artist and I love Eminem as an MC so I already pretty much know what to make.” –Clover Hope


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