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Lord Finesse explains the delayed Big L Project

This was one of the projects I was highly anticipating on back in 2007 I think. When I first heard it, an album with producers Lord Finesse and DJ Premier with unreleased Big L recordings. C’mon, that is like Nas and DJ Premier for me! But since then I never heard a word of it. But last week Lord Finesse was guest at the LiveFromHQ show with DJ Eclipse filling in. And Lord Finesse explained why there’s still is no new Big L album and why it’s possible there never will be one. It was a project just between DJ Premier, Lord Finesse and Big L’s mother Gilda “Pinky” Terry. Like we all heard, last year Big L’s mother passed away, my condolence. And suddenly Big L’s father showed up to claim the recordings, but you have to know that Big L’s father never said a word to Big L in his life. And Lord Finesse would never pay the guy who don’t even knew his son. So as long as Big L’s father can make a cent out of it, there won’t be other Big L album. Listen up here:

Lord Finesse on LiveFromHQ

Positive note: Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth “Funky Technician” Remix project is coming out in the first quarter of 2010!

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