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Guru in a Coma after Cardiac Arrest

“If anyone has info about this please let us know. We’re told his sister Tricia said he is currently in a coma after suffering from cardiac arrest. Our prayers go out to Keith Elam and his family.” -Philaflava

UPDATE: DJ Premier confirmed he’s in a coma fighting for his life, but isn’t up to speak to the public yet. Hope to the best… We’ll keep you updated as fast as I can. His surgery is scheduled for in the morning. Prayers…

Guru rhymed over 160 DJ Premier produced tracks in his life.

Best DJ Premier Beat of 2009

Ow shit, I think I’m kinda late with this one haha. I was to lazy plus I still need to think for a next vote… If DJ Premier reads this, I think it’s a close picture of what your fanbase thinks what the best beat of 2009 was… But who cares?


1. Blaq Poet – Rap Addiction (170, 17%)
2. Royce da 5’9″ – Something 2 Ride 2 (160, 16%)
3. Capone-N-Noreaga – Grand Loyal (144, 14%)
4. Blaq Poet – I-Gettin (117, 11%)
5. Blaq Poet – Hate (85, 8%)
6. M.O.P. – What I Wanna B (80, 8%)
7. Royce da 5’9″ – Hood Love (67, 6%)
8. Cormega – Make It Clear (58, 5%)
9. NYGz – Ready? (45, 4%)
10. Nick Javas – Opportunity Knocks (30, 3%)
11. Blaq Poet – Never Goodbye (29, 2%)

Thanks to everyone for their vote, it was massive, 950 votes I think!! This blog is doing so fine actually. It’s corny to say 2009 was a good year because I’ll have to say that every year, right. Should I give an award to Blaq Poet? Where is Blaq Poet at??!! The best that never dun it!! Their is a sad part though, no track of the list was released on 12″ single. Props to DJ Premier trying to keep vinyl alive but I’m afraid he will end up alone.