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Nas Talks DJ Premier Collaboration Album

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Lol, now that was a dope update from our friend Nas on the collaboration album.

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20 Responses to “Nas Talks DJ Premier Collaboration Album”

  • Comment from DopeTrack


  • Comment from gimantalon

    @DopeTrack, make sure you use next time a valid email adress or your comments won’t be accepted anymore. Just saying. Peace!

  • Comment from grga

    this bootleg kev is a fucking idiot

  • Comment from shawamar

    In tru Nas stylo, he “weaseled” his way out of that question. He pretty much said no comment. F Nas..Preem, get with Jeru again, shit do another Group Home album…Stop mentioning this Nas thing, this little guy dont want it…On to the next one

  • Comment from Korleon

    I still dont believe it…i wish it was real tho

  • Comment from mike

    What the fuck was that? im not trying to piss in the pot but cmon….this is NOT an update.

    when he says simple and plain….”yes we are gonna do it”…then THAT is news.

  • Comment from phil

    not dissing Nas or anything but I felt he was kinda evasive on a lot of subjects …

  • Comment from the_illest

    FUCK you Nas.. what the hell are you thinking about? Just give us the truth.. you don’t wanna do it. Everyone is pushing you so you just gotta say some bullshit not to disappoint us..

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @mike, you misunderstand him, it’s an update, he says “I don’t wanna do it”. Lol

  • Comment from phil

    I don’t think a Nas/Preemo album would be commercially viable , I guess that’s how he feels … see Nas has been mainstream since “It was Written”, he’s not gonna change out of a sudden.

  • Comment from mick

    never going to happen

  • Comment from Wiktor

    lets just see how Primo/KRS album gonna work.

  • Comment from Dick B.

    I used to be a big Nas fan. Now I’m just a fan of Illmatic.

    My question to Nas: Why do you like disappointing and pissing off your fans?

    By the way, when are the NYGz and Nick Javas albums being released?

  • Comment from es eitsch

    premo/nas album… i would buy like 10 of em…
    maybe he will also go back to the roots like kanye is doing on his new album (hopefully)… but i dont think so…

  • Comment from PaNcho

    what’s the background joint…????

  • Comment from DJ Real

    Lol. Nas once again said “I’d love to do it, Premier my man Premier!”

    This ain’t nothin new. When its official then post it. I doubt he is going to do an album with Premo though. He’s been saying this same thing since the beginning of last year and we still dont see it. He is just trying to keep the fans happy. Distant Relatives is a pretty good album. It aint all that great though.

    Im done worrying about Nas. We all know he aint down with Premo, at least right now. Right now, I’m waiting for Pros N Cons/Hustler’s union with NYGz and Premo on the entire album. Ive listened to some of the tracks and they sound dope. This album is definitely going to go down as a classic. Nobody nowadays know who the fuck DJ Premier is, and Nas is a mainstream dude now. So i really dont see this happening.

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Back in early 2006 the magazine, Scratch, has an article with DJ Premier and Nas and in the article they both said they were going to work together (on a album) that night. What happened!?

    It’s things like this that make me angry.

    Hey gimantalon can you find out the release dates for Hustla’s Union: Local NYG and Destination Unknown? Thanks.

  • Comment from Pittman23Alisa

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  • Comment from C-MC

    Premo recently said in an interview that the Premo/Nas collabo album it’s coming really soon he just needs to release his last album on Def Jam and he’s a free agent so after that album they’re gonna start working on it for sure !!!

  • Comment from Kahoot

    Hello. I like music.

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