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EXCLUSIVE: XXL Magazine Article On Guru’s Death

The reason I post this is because the author contacted me to work on it, just a little, not much. Just a little because I want to give Solar as low attention as possible now to respect the family. Props to XXL Magazine!

(click on picture to see in full size…)

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4 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: XXL Magazine Article On Guru’s Death”

  • Comment from Kaly

    Merci pour l’article (et felicitations au passage), on comprend un peu mieux toute l’histoire. Notamment l’episode de 99. Maintenant ca reste hallucinant que guru ait pu se faire retourner le cerveau comme ça.
    J’etais au show a Paname et franchement Primo était trop vener. que ce soit ALC ou Just blaze le message était clair : RIP GURU. FUCK SOLAR.

    P.S. : en plus Dre qui bat Primo, putain c’est quand les bonnes nouvelles…


  • Comment from phil

    sad but interesting article, thanks for posting

  • Comment from medici

    basically they quote big shug saying that premier and guru were not even friends! what!? thats greasy. they lived together. i mean….can we get a comment from dj premier on this suspect ass comment by big shug???

  • sad day for hiphop

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