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Canibus – Golden Terra Of Rap

Here you got a hardcore-to-the-fullest track by Canibus that was included as a limited edition 7″ in the latest edition (#41) of Wax Poetics  magazine! Get your copy here !

Enjoy another Premier banger:

Canibus – Golden Terra Of Rap

Somehow the original version got leaked, it’s over the beats Premier used for his phone skit on LiveFromHQ:

Canibus – Golden Terra Of Rap (Original Version)

Looks like usershare is down at the moment, so I’m going to use zshare for this. Usershare should be working shortly.

Need instrus!

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12 Responses to “Canibus – Golden Terra Of Rap”

  • Comment from knobbz

    prod by premier?

  • Comment from jj

    that original is it from premier too…but the first one is sick too…

  • Comment from bill

    He deserved it more than anyone I think.

  • Comment from AMAru

    of course produced by premo, you can clearly hear it…

  • Comment from krudanze

    i think the second one is just beat by premier because the acapella is too loud in my opinion. plus a miss some scratches

  • Comment from Paul

    the alternate version is so much better than the original version but yes an other banger hehe peace homies

  • Comment from jr

    I like Canibus. He’s always been strong lyrically. He deserved to sell a lot more copies of his albums.

  • Comment from phil

    bother versions are dope …but the second one: wow !

  • Comment from DJ Real

    Both of these songs are dope as hell. But the alternate one, WOW. Primo never disappoints me.

    Primo does bring back that NYC sound from the 90s, that spooky or raw kind of sound. This is who every producer from NYC during the 90s was trying to sound like.

  • Comment from Gold167

    Dammmn the Primo killed it

  • Comment from Lacy

    yea both versions r sick…they both will b on my ipod…i fell like the 2nd version has a beat that is meant 4 like 10 rappers to get on…like that one blood remix or somthin…

  • Comment from Well of Truth

    The reality is that Canibus did it to himself. Whether or not you like heads in the industry, the minute you start burning bridges, your career as a very successful act will be grossly limited. But even in the last few years this man continues to diss people and anger people. Eventually, nobody will want to work with him. Its not jealously, its karma. The only problem is that you can’t tell him that. He refuses to believe it or reflect on how his actions put him in this situation.

    I like dude, but when you start dissing people like KRS ONE and dissing Eminem 6 years late with D-12 verses mixed in, as if they were dissing him too, you are making bitch moves that lose fans and opportunities to work with people. I am not mad at you Bis. This is just fact. Be a bigger person and stop blaming others. In fact, if you tried to apologize to everyone, then perhaps your career and life relationships will be better off. Men know when they were wrong and will humble themselves to make things right.

    Just something to ponder. Peace.

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