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DJ Premier Live In Brussels Compilation

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10 Responses to “DJ Premier Live In Brussels Compilation”

  • Comment from oll-zen

    this is the craziest show ever…

  • Comment from Jack

    Nobody else feels like that scratching shit at the beginning was wack as fuck. My fave DJ ever but jesus fucking christ he must have been high as fuck.

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    notice how Nick Javas sucks all the energy out of the place.

    *crowd’s going apeshit as Premo plays his classics and rocks the house. then…”

    DJ Premier: “My man Nick Javas is coming up.”

    the crowd gets mysteriously quieter.

  • Comment from jr

    Almost 30 minutes of greatness. Thanks!

  • Comment from krudanze

    oh shit. dj premier rappin rite where you stand 🙂

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    lol Jack. for real.

  • Comment from David Schnepper

    awesome show. u could feel the realness. mad love to gang starr!
    RIP Guru ‘-( words can’t describe how much i miss him

  • Comment from David Schnepper

    forgot about javas. ofc he’s not a legend like dj premier, yet.
    Love his flow, rhymes and – most importantly – his voice. People shouldn’t compare him to guru. But i can definitely see y he’s allowed to be on stage with premo

  • Comment from H.B.

    Too bad I didn’t heared a thing of Nick Javas. His mic wasn’t working, mayby only in the monitors but not in the crowd. He was already rapping for a couple of minutes before I even noticed, by then the whole energy was gone.
    Still a dope night

    Except, 4 euro’s for Heineken????????? In brussels??????? Warm Heinekens?????????, only 3 fridges???????????????Out of beer while premo was still playing???????????????? –> WACK organisation, never again. They should call themselves: “One nation pretending under a groove but really just wanna steal your money”

  • Comment from asigurari

    When djPremier mixes people go crazy :), fans are awesome, they make some noise in there.

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