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DJ Premier & Nick Javas in Saigon, Vietnam June 22nd

First time in Vietnam ever, they also hit China. If you know more Asian Tour dates, feel free to add them in the comment section.

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7 Responses to “DJ Premier & Nick Javas in Saigon, Vietnam June 22nd”

  • Comment from D.CA$H - TORONTO

    That background makes Preem look like he has Maori facial tattoos, damn! haha

  • Comment from jr

    Premier’s passport has a ton of stamps

  • Comment from lamont

    Is he ever going to Singapore? I’m going to be there and would love to see Premo.

  • Comment from DJ Real

    Vietnam? wtf? lol. I didnt know there was a hue hip hop crowd out there.

    Still though, how come Premo aint ever in the states? That kinda makes me mad. The Pete Rock vs DJ Premier was held in Tokyo. Who in the world comes up with these locations? hahaha.

    Premo and probably enjoyed himself with some sushi and noodles.

  • Comment from rep Marseille

    Vas-y moumi déchire tout
    Prends une photo avec primo !!

  • Comment from ML4T

    Hahaa..yeah, i think the blending on this pic is a bit messed up.
    BTW…can you upload the photos, so that we can click > enlarge and downoad it in the best resolution possible ??


    PS. lol at the Zumbrowka shot !! 😉

  • Comment from Nah

    Shitttt I missed this. I was in Singapore at the time. Never knew Primo came to Saigon until a friend told me. Primo you need to come back in 2011! There is a huge hiphop community here that knows how to appreciate your art.. Maybe you can bring some other artists like Nas or even some underground like Term to come with you and do a show here. I would buy that expensive ticket.

    Peace & Respect.

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