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Greg Nice Talks about 2Pac & DJ Premier

Greg Nice: He said my rhymes from “Funky For You.” Look at Poetic Justice. There’s this room where [2Pac’s character’s cousin] has the equipment at. Look at the wall, over the bed: there’s a poster of me and Smooth. I was on the soundtrack for that movie too. I got four other records that haven’t even come out, that I’m on with [2Pac].

DX: From One Nation?

Greg Nice: Yep. All of that One Nation, I brought everybody. Everybody he wanted to see, I’m like, “You want [DJ] Premier to come up with you?” [2Pac] was like, “What? Hell yeah!” I called ‘Preme. [He was like], “Hell yeah!” I called Fat Joe. “Hell yeah!” Buckshot and [the Bootcamp Clik], “Hell yeah!” Everybody started comin’.

DX: All those names you just mentioned, were they able to come out?

Greg Nice: Yeah. The only who didn’t come was Joe.

DX: So Premier and 2Pac actually had the opportunity to work together?

Greg Nice: Yeah, and [DJ Premier] loved [2Pac] as well. To the point where that’s all he talks about. “Man, 2Pac came to my fuckin’ house!” Showbiz too, “Greg brought 2Pac to my living-room, man, sittin’ with me, chillin’.”

DX: I have to tell you, Greg, that’s a crazy story, man. I’m glowing, man. Nobody knows this. You worked on those four records. Do you personally want to see them release, or are they better left to mystery and memory?

Greg Nice: It depends on how it sounds. It depends on how it’s mixed. I assume, if it were to be mixed, it’d be mixed with a different flavor now. It would be a whole new sound. One is actually on this Pac’s Life [release] that they did. One of those songs [“International”], I got the publishing credit on the record, ‘cause they took different inserts of records we did and made that one song. They put [Nipsey Hussle and Young Dre The Truth] on there, rappin’. [Afeni Shakur] sent me the paperwork, saying, “My son would’ve wanted his friends to get that money. I want to take care of it the right way.” That’s what she did.

Source: HipHopDX

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