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Live From HeadQCourterz (08/27/2010)

DJ Premier – Live From HeadQCourterz (08/27/2010)

DJ Premier Talks MC Eiht On Dubcnn TV

Nothing we didn’t knew…

Fat Beats Artists Preforming Shedule For The Last Week Opening (8/30-9/4); DJ Premier on Saturday

[column width=”47%” padding=”6%”]Monday (08/30)
The Away Team
Statik Selektah
Da Beatminerz

Tuesday (08/31)
Immortal Technique
Sav Killz
Ras Kass
DJ Ready Cee
DJ Static

Wednesday (09/01)
Mr. Mayhem
DJ Riz
Daniel Joseph
Fresh Daily
John Roninson
Sputnik Brown
DJ Spinna
Tony Touch[/column] [column width=”47%” padding=”0″]Thursday (09/02)
Cold Heat
Rob Swift
Breez Evahflowin
General Steele
Ruste Juxx
DJ Amir
DJ Soul

Friday (09/03)
Kooley High
Tanya Morgan
Roli Rho
Neil Armstrong
Masta Ace
Mr. Green

Saturday (09/04)
Max Glazer
Cipha Sounds
Just Blaze
Pete Rock
DJ Premier
Jab (owner)
Sadat X

Shout out to DJ Eclipse for the heads up! Beautiful line up!

DJ Premier Interview with KnockSteadyTV

N.O.R.E. to Remake Gang Starr’s “Dwyck” on New Solo Album

Yesterday (August 25) on XXL’s UStream show, Spotlight, N.O.R.E. came by the XXL offices and announced that he’ll be working with DJ Premier to remake Gang Starr’s classic track, “Dwyck.”
While sharing some nutcrackers with the XXL staff, one half of C-N-N revealed that for his upcoming solo project, currently titled Superthug, he’ll be collaborating with Premo for an update of “Dwyck,” which appeared on Gang Starr’s seminal 1994 release Hard to Earn. On the original, the late Guru was joined by Nice & Smooth to ride on Premier’s production. For the 2011 version, Nore said that he had yet to select the guests to appear on the record, but he wanted XXL’s input.
“I have not chosen [who to reach out to],” he said. “I would like y’all ideas; who should I put on?” He continued, “Let’s get the new era MCs, let’s give them a chance to pay respect, to pay homage.”
As for the sound of the record, Nore simply stated, “It’s gonna be that beat, redone.”
Be sure to check out our next episode of Spotlight next Wednesday and stay tuned to for more info on “Dwyck 2011.”


Why not?

DJ Premier Still Producing For The Game’s Upcoming Album “The R.E.D. Album”

After he said DJ Premier was too busy for “The R.E.D. Album” things changed clearly… Go!

The Halftime Show (Fat Beats Special) (08/26/10)

Or high quality audio streaming:

DJ Eclipse – The Halftime Show (Fat Beats Special) (08/26/10)

I post this outta respect for DJ Eclipse and Fat Beats!

New Official Gang Starr Tribute T-Shirt by Year Round Records

DJ Premier rocking the shirt at Rock The Bells LA ’10

Coming soon through Premo’s label Year Round Records…

Tales From D&D Studios: Part 5

..When people think about D&D,one name comes to mind.DJ Premier.His contribution to Hip Hop and music in general is without doubt well documented and appreciated.What he did to build the D&D sound and mystique is also undeniable.I mean GangStarr,Group Home,Jeru and countless other artists made their landmark albums and names there thanks to him.However there were other patches in the D&D quilt,and they should never be forgotten.Mr.Walt and Evil Dee collectively known as Da Beatminerz were a big part of the D&D sound, as well as the sound of the culture..period.. then and now.Shit, even Kanye had to admit he used to get dressed to “Got U Open” remix before he went to school..listen close you can here Da Beatminerz influence on “The College Drop Out”.We’re getting ahead of ourselves a bit,or should I say I am.I met E first, as most of you should already know.Walt I met a week or so later.Around this time”How Many EMCees” was in heavy rotation on the radio and on “The Box”.(damn did I just mention “The Box”)..and they were just about to get started on “Dah Shinin'”.Like KRS,Evil was one of the few dudes that knew what it was to be an intern and would constantly look out for me when he was up there…”Yo man I used to be an intern so I know what it is already!”.Walt on the other hand was more of the big brother/bully type.Never subtle and always quick to punch the crap out you.

..One late night session during the making of “Dah Shinin'”, Walt runs out the “A” room and into the main lounge area, where I was sitting watching one of three VHS tapes that were there(cable didn’t appear in the studio till much later).I knew for sure this fool was gonna mess with me..”Hey what you doing..Nothing?..Good get in here!””Huh?!”..him..”C’mon, c’mon I need you to do something for me real quick.””Aight”..I follow him into the “A” room,past the usually smoked out “A” room lounge that was almost always was filled with BCC affiliates.Today there weren’t any PNC’s there,just Tek, Steele and Dru Ha..who is sitting behind the board with Kieran Walsh the engineer.”Is he gonna do it?”..Dru asks Walt..”Nah I aint ask him yet” self)..”What The Fuck?”..Walt..”OK look we need you for this chorus,its only the five of us on it but we want it to sound like a big feel me?””Yeah..what you need me to say..”..him..”BuckTown!””Cool”.We…meaning me ,Tek,Steele,Walt and Dru,pile into the vocal booth and get behind the mic.Several misfires of “BuckTown!” later we get the right energy and takes that Walt and E were looking for..”Yo yall sound like some bitches!” Evil’s many comments during the process.”Good lookin out”..Walt goes..”No doubt”..I reply and go back into the main lounge to finish watching the movie that I’ve seen like a thousand times before.Few seconds later Walt comes back out..laughin..”Yo! gotta hear this”..we go into the control room and Walt says to Kieran..”Play it for him”..they play me the chorus..”BuckTown!” sounds like a stadium now..what they wanted..but I’m confused..what’s the beef?Walt to me..”Duke you don’t Hear That?!”Nah what?”..Evil..”Money..YOU are the Loudest nigga in the bunch!”..I’m like(ahhhh shit!)..they rollin..I’m thinkin I fucked the shit up..their like..”Son all we needed was you in there like twenty times for real””Yeah aight” I’m laughin’ cause Walt is on the floor..”Play it Again!..This nigga goin crazy!””OK I’m out”.Later on that night Walt comes back out..”For real good lookin out on that,that shit was funny as hell..You’re still a nigga though.”..

..So like I said,Walt was a big brother and a big bully..and he made it his business to mess with me.Being the” intern boy” at the time,I had clean up duty on a daily basis,and on a daily basis,Walt would come in and purposely wreck what I took an half hour to clean.Kick over the tables…toss the magazines..topple over the trash cans..then look at me and say..”Clean this shit up now!”..and walk away chuckling.I would be fuming mad at this dude.Is He Crazy?!One day after he is routine “Hurricane Walt” impression he then asked everyone in the room..”What’s For Lunch?”(that became a part of Da Beatminerz session routine,before we started to work we’d ask “What’s For Lunch?”).Anyway..I was like..”Wait…What?..Yeah he’s nuts!”.Evil took me aside one time and was like..”Yo you gotta whup his ass B…””Huh?”(This is a set up)”..Evil..”Nah he does that shit all the time,he just wanna see how much you gonna take before you snap and bug out…Next time just smack him..””hmmm”.Saturday rolls around and Beatminerz have a session and I’m on my clean up duties as usual.Walt and E arrive and enter the “A”room lounge…Evil..”Sup Dex!””Sup E”..Walt..” What’s Up Nigga!”..and scans the room and focuses on the coffee table with neatly arranged magazines on it…and smacks them all onto the floor..”Clean that sh..”..before he can finish I’m on him,choke hold city..Evil..”Oh Shit!He’s Wildin'”.I got Walt in what has got to be the best choke hold ever!He can’t get free..”Stop messin wit me Walt!..him(tappin on my arm)..”Aight Nigga I’m Done…”I let him go..he catches his breath..and says..”We good?””Yeah we good”..him..”Good nigga..What’s For Lunch??”…

Written by Dexter Thibou

New Free Smiley The Ghetto Child Mixtape Available Featuring DJ Premier, Ski, E-Blaze & Chaze

Smiley The Ghetto Child – Rap CPR Mixtape

Shout out to and Doo-Wop for this one. Couldn’t listen to it yet. Where’s the Smiley’s 12inch at?