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DJ Premier Interview with KnockSteadyTV

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3 Responses to “DJ Premier Interview with KnockSteadyTV”

  • Comment from mike

    shout out to preemo,we need you to come down here in zimbabwe man,you don have a clue how big you are down here

  • Comment from Donovan

    I have never seen a DJ like Premo. Humble, cool calm and collective, just like me (maybe without the humble part) lol. Not to mention that he never makes a wack beat. His consistency is almost 100% good and that’s gift, not everyone can be like that. The day I found out about him is the day I turned off the radio, and stopped following the drake/lil Wayne crowd (like how I used to).

    It makes me so mad how people over here in the U.S don’t support him. I can’t talk to anybody about music without having to criticize it.

  • Comment from mike

    yeah dude is even better than dre,dre is good but some of his stuff aint even hip hop and some of his artist are pop rappers,preemo is that deal

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